Monthly Meetup - August 2017

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This month’s forecast: sunny, slightly cool with a high chance of developing lightning talks. That’s right, we’ve got three talks, three topics and three times the polyglot fun! In this edition, Jeroen Heijmans helps us make sense of .NET Core, Renato Mendes Figueiredo demystifies your cognitive biases and Ross Tuck derps his way through the basics of Kotlin.

With space graciously provided by the fine folks of TNO (, this is one evening you won’t want to miss!

Important note: Unfortunately, food isn’t available at this month’s meetup, so we recommend you snag something before coming out to the venue. Sorry for the inconvenience!


19:00 - Doors open
19:30 - Welcome
19:35 - Talk: Getting to the .NET Core of Things
19:55 - Talk: The Creative Developer
20:15 - Talk: Derping Through Kotlin
20:35 - Raffle & News
20:40 - Social!

Talk: Getting to the .NET Core of Things
Microsoft has been moving for several years now towards open source, and recently also towards cross-platform software with .NET Core. There seems to be no better topic for a cross-language user group like DomCode than talking about the direction and future of one of the major tech stacks

So, do you want to know what .NET Core is all about? Are you interested in the current and future status of the .NET ecosystem and its languages (C#, VB.NET, F#)? Would you like someone to clear up all the confusing terminology around .NET Core? Would you like to be able to intelligently take part in conversations around the future .NET tech stack, and be able to make informed choices on whether or not this technology is something you want to (or should) dive into?

Let me answer those questions for you: of course you want all that

Talk: The Creative Developer
Imagine you have to do a simple REST API including 3 endpoints, but in one day, is it ok? Such a small question but with many things into it, it's a cognitive trap, you are evaluating how much you can achieve in a day, your experience with APIs, the tools, the risks and much more things. Your brain has to work a lot to give certain answers, many times without considering all factors. This talk introduces you to the cognitive biases world, exemplified by a developer's life, creating awareness you could be able to avoid many issues in your career!

Talk: Derping Through Kotlin
I've been playing around in Kotlin and would like to share a basic overview of the language with you, as well as my experiences.

Speaker: Jeroen Heijmans (@jeroenheijmans (
Jeroen has been programming since the early 1990s, in a wide variety of languages, frameworks, and stacks. After studying AI in college he's been working with .NET technology (as well as other stacks) since 2005. Early 2017 he joined the fine folks at Infi, having met them through the DomCode conference. You can find him online at and on Twitter @jeroenheijmans.

Speaker: Renato Mendes Figueiredo (@renatomefi (
Renato is a developer who loves Linux, web and beautiful code, tries to mix technologies with some inspiration during his work in order to have creative and reliable solutions. Also, thinks the eclectic interest is a must have to be able to provide those solutions.

Speaker: Ross Tuck (@rosstuck (
Freelance dev, volunteers at a local meetup.