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In this meetup we'll discuss the in's and out's of Domain Driven Design.

It's for everyone interested in how to create software for complex domains, be it beginner or expert.

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Making Domain Driven Design stick - with Marijn Huizendveld

doors open & food: 18:15 talk starts: 19:00 afterwards: have a chat and a drink at a cosy indoor fireplace. doors close: open end ✨Talk ✨ You learned about Domain Driven Design, you got people enthusiastic, you might even be doing some of it. But how do you make Domain Driven Design an integral part of the way you design systems? And will that process prevent you from DDD-ing all the things? Domain Driven Design helps us deal with complexity in the heart of software that stems from Domain complexity and Technical complexity. But in any organization we will get People complexity for free, how can we deal with that? In this talk Marijn wil dive into the habits and processes that could help you making Domain Driven Design stick in your organization. ✨Speaker ✨ Marijn teaches people of different backgrounds the skill of doing the things that matter in environments that are critical to performance. Often his work involves organizations, software and customers. He brings these worlds together while teaching you and your colleagues how to do so. Judge him on added value, it's the only metric that matters. You may call him a consultant, coach, trainer and entrepreneur, because that's what he is. -- There will be some vegan food as well.

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