Storystorming (with Martin Schimak)

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DB Systel GmbH

Marktstraße 8 Skydeck · Berlin

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18:30 gathering and socializing
19:00-ish: Hands-On starts
afterwards more socializing

✨1) Hands On Storystorming ✨
It's best to experience it yourself! :-)

✨2) Storystorming - The Background ✨
Storystorming (see is a young and very lightweight workshop format to explore and understand user journeys, work procedures and whole business processes by telling visual stories and by focusing on their domain language.
It comes in several flavors, the first of which is building on ideas coming from Domain Storytelling, EventStorming and User Story Mapping and is discussed in the blog post above.
But just as all of these methods have very different traits and merits, Storystorming definitely has its unique proposition, too.
By focusing on the fundamental “Subject - Verb- Object” structure of language, it enables domain experts to tell their stories in the most natural way, without requiring them to learn anything but five different colors.
Software developers on the other hand can assist with regards to the method, even if they at first do not get at all what the experts are speaking about, and even if they do not get it for a longer period of time.
It may sound like a contradiction, but Storystorming enables the “listening mode” through visualization of language - and this mode is its feature: the most natural way to learn a language certainly is to listen to the parents, to imitate them and then to speak the language yourself — and rather soon!
Little children repeat what they have heard and receive feedback.
Gradually, they understand more words, begin to form sentences and later tell their own stories.
By asking experts to record and visualize their language with a very simple system, Storystorming enables a similar style of learning.
Now that we can actually see the stories, we will fail fast and learn even faster!

✨Speaker ✨
At the age of ten Martin fell in love with coding. Later he left his love and studied business and law. Only to find out: that’s awesome for programming business software! In the 15 years since then he talked to energy traders, telecom people, wind tunnel experts and many others. They formed a hands-on domain decoder with a passion for DDD and a soft spot for complex business processes, colored sticky notes and long-running ☕. Martin is a trainer with experience in 50+ companies and 10+ countries. He regularly speaks at meetups and conferences across Europe - and from time to time in the US. But actually he loves his hometown Vienna, where he organises the DDD and the Microservices meetups. You find all the links to his work at his website


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