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To develop and execute a plan with top Domainers in round table fashion for the common goal of building an Ultra Premium portfolio of high networth through means of pooling efforts of solo Domainers to accomplish exponentially quicker bottom line results.

Who We Are:

Domainer Investment Group is exactly that. This is not a networking or social group. Open to SERIOUS DOMAINERS that have the drive and passion of online real-estate, but may lack the support or individual capital needed to accomplish all the resources necessary to do successfully otherwise on their own.

If you're like many domainers in it for a while, you have been building a portfolio, spent thousands on education, done R&D, learnt pitfalls, gained insightful tips from top domain veterans, and gained all the tools to develop properly. It is now time to reach a new level I’ve seen attainable first hand, and build it to millions within a couple of years versus a decade on your own, (if at all) rather, do it now with people of like minds. If you feel the same, then its time our merge our knowledge, experience, passion and unite for the common goal.

Why: Humble Beginnings...

Its no longer 1992 and in order to get those domains worth millions in today’s market you’ll need either years… or heavy capital. You don’t need to have thousands to join, simply a starting point, and dedicate few hours a week. We all need a starting point to crawl before you walk ending in a marathon. Any domains purchased will be for purposes of building a portfolio of quality only .com’s PERIOD! You will need to be approved based on certain basic criteria where you offer more than what you take. Those bringing more to the table make us all grow rather than the other way around. That’s the kind of group that will continuously advance.

How: Power of Numbers...

Its not the number of domains...it's the quality and value. If one person has some funds, can produce some content, produce some tweets and likes, one press release, etc., then what can 10 driven people achieve together with the same efforts collectively? A $1,000 (e.g.) investment becomes $10,000, 3 hrs of marketing a week became 30, 50 likes begets 500, 2 tweets become 40 retweets and so on. There are many ways to skin a cat. See the potential of compounding efforts, brainstorming meeting of the minds and thinktank sessions, selling names, and reinvesting higher to become premium and eventually Ultra Premium can become!

Ready to Join? Please note that we insist on ONLY ACTIVE members join. If you do not have the time in your schedule to be an active member, please do not join at this time.

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