Hack Night — Building a file-system navigator

DoneJS Boston
DoneJS Boston
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breather meeting space

715 Boylston St. · Boston, MA

How to find us

Look for Breather in the intercom system and you'll be buzzed up. Walk in the door and up the stairs to the second floor. Look for the Breather logo on the room opposite the nail salon.

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We’ll be building a file navigator widget that I’ve made a prototype of here: http://jsbin.com/buyeqop/edit?html,js,output (http://jsbin.com/buyeqop/edit?html,css,output)

The widget allows a user to click folders, which expand to load their files and sub-folders.

There are two versions of this example: one for absolute beginners, one for intermediates, and one for the pros.

Hope to see you there!

Advanced Track (https://canjs.com/doc/guides/recipes/file-navigator-advanced.html)

Beginner Track (https://canjs.com/doc/guides/recipes/credit-card-simple.html)

Chat Room (https://gitter.im/canjs/canjs)

Dinner will be provided by Bitovi.