Hacknight - Building a progressively loaded app with StealJS

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Braintree Payment Solutions

222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza · Chicago

How to find us

Go to the elevators in the middle of the building between the two security desks, and take them to the 8th floor. If building security asks you where you're going just tell them Braintree. The elevators will let you off right in the Braintree lobby.

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Here's the guide we will be doing:

In this hands-on training, we will learn how to build a multi-page, progressively loaded site, that uses hot-module swapping with the StealJS (http://stealjs.com/) module loader. Lets break that down:

- multi-page - Listen to when the URL changes and show different content to the user.

- progressively loaded - Load only the JS and CSS required for a particular page.

- hot-module swapping - When a file changes, the UI is automatically updated. No more reloading!

- module loader - StealJS loads JS and other code like Webpack, RequireJS, and browserify. Module loaders help organize a projects scripts and build into minified scripts that load in production quickly.

We'll StealJS to:

- Setup a project from scratch.

- Install and import other packages from npm, including jQuery.

- Make and test a mini application.

- Create modules in the ES6 and CommonJS formats.

- Organize your modules using the modlet workflow (http://blog.bitovi.com/modlet-workflows/) - adding tests, docs, and demo pages.

- Build your application to production.


Doors open at 5:30. I will kickoff presentation at 6:15. Bring a computer if you'd like to follow along. Come early if you don't have NodeJS (https://nodejs.org/en/) installed.

Jimmy John's sandwiches will be provided to everyone by Bitovi.


About the sponsors:

Braintree provides the easiest way to pay and get paid across any device. With one integration, merchants can start accepting credit and debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Venmo, and whatever comes next. Thousands of online and mobile companies including Uber, Airbnb, and GithHub use Braintree in more than 45 countries. To learn more, visit braintreepayments.com (https://www.braintreepayments.com/) or@braintree (https://twitter.com/@braintree).

Bitovi provides web and mobile application consulting services. We can build your app, work with you to build it, or teach you how to build it. To learn more visit http://bitovi.com or @bitovi (https://twitter.com/bitovi).