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JS, Debugging, DOM and jQuery Training

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Justin M.
JS, Debugging, DOM and jQuery Training


I am training new Bitovi hires this Wednesday and Thursday at:

20 North Clark Street, Suite 1260, Chicago, IL 60602

From 9-5:30 Wednesday and Thursday.

As there is extra space available, so I'm opening it up to the DoneJS community.

This training will "perfect" your JS and DOM skills. Please attend if you are:

- At least "moderately" skilled in JavaScript. You've built something before. This training is not for beginners.
- Have come to a previous DoneJS meetup.

I'm adding a price for this meetup to make sure folks attend. If $20 is outside your budget, email me.

If you have trouble taking off work for 2 days, tell your boss this will make you a much better developer. This is updated material from my frontend masters Advanced JS course. If they still don't listen, I'll email them.

Here's the course material: