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A day of peace and love. Healing circle.

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Don't Dwell Sanctuary

1330 Eddowes Road, Suite 9 A, Warminster, PA · Warminster, PA

How to find us

White part of building, Don't Dwell sign by the door.


Recently during a deep meditation, I felt the descent of grace, the same grace that descended that triggered my medical miracle (radical remission of multiple sclerosis, arthritis, bipolar, migraines). This grace had a message for me to offer “Love Healing Blessings.”

In a blessing, the divine love within me connects to the divine love within you. When the connection is established, I feel this warm, loving energy descending and wrapping itself around us. This loving grace is clearing the energy fields of any stuck energy, and dissolving the mental mud from our thoughts that are filling our head with the limiting beliefs.

In addition to this decent of divine love, other beings arrive to support the healing. People have achieved amazing results beyond logical explanation.

I will offer this again in the future. I will see how often I am guided to repeat this offering.

Come for a few minutes or stay the entire time. I suspect that this meeting will be an individual based blessing followed by a healing circle at 4 pm.

A love donation is appreciated.