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Do you wish you were making more art, or even any art at all? Does your stomach turn inside out at the thought of a blank canvas? Or do you have a heck of a time completing a project? Do you find the artistic process at times absorbing and gratifying and at other times miserable and uncertain? Do you want to keep making art anyway? Would you like a bit of support from others who struggle with the same issues?

This is not, I repeat, NOT a group for critiquing each other's work. This is a group for talking through ideas, updating on progress, encouraging and sympathizing. Most of us are our own worst critics, so we don't need more of that. Or, if you do, you can find it somewhere else. ;)

I remember the times in college when I stayed up all night in the studio trying to finish an art project by a deadline, and although it was sometimes uncomfortable, I kind of miss the fire under my butt to help move things forward. I'm wondering if chatting about our projects might help us fight inertia and encourage progress. Let's see what we can do!

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