Build a Nano Drone(Paid)

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One day workshop to familiarize the participants with drones, teach them basics and intricacies of a Quadrotor, enable them to build a palm sized drone themselves and experience the pleasure of flying self­-built drone.

What will students learn from workshop?

● Principles of operation of multi­rotors
● Hands-­on experience with building aerial vehicles
● Flying self-­built UAVs
● Troubleshooting

Things to carry - Smartphone/Tablet with app “Pluto Controller ” installed.

Course details
Full day – 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. with lunch Time at 12:45PM - 1:45PM (We won't provide Lunch)
Workshop Fee: Rs. 1,500
Age: 10+

We will provide the necessary Pluto kit using which participant will build a drone Pluto. In the end of the workshop, you have to return the drone.
If you want to take the Pluto home, you need to pay Rs. 5000 extra.

Course Activities
Mechanics of flying vehicles
Stable systems vs unstable systems
How does propeller work: Change thrust by speed/ angles, Types of aerial vehicles
Aeroplanes: Why is Aeroplane stable, Is man a stable / unstable systems?
Multirotors: Types of drones, functionality and applications
Helicopter - How helicopter maneuver
Components of Quadcopter
Motor: Brushed / Brushless / Servo Motor, Parameters of Motor, PWM
Propellers: How does a fan / propeller works
Battery: Types of batteries, Why LiPo / Parameters of LiPo
Building a nano drone Pluto
Flying Pluto with Smartphone

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