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Welcome! Doom and Board is a new board gaming group for casual newbies and hardcore veterans alike! I'm glad you found us!

I'm Damien and I'm relatively new to the world of modern games. Sure, I reveled in HeroQuest and ADnD as a kid, and suffered through the occasional game of Monopoly as a young adult, but I only recently discovered the vast and wonderful world of designer games. Now that I have, it'll take a lifetime to master them all, so let's get started!

Doom and Board is possible because my new friends at The Brooklyn Gamelab have graciously offered to host our meetups at their weekly "Players Wanted" adult gaming nights every Thursday and Saturday. Yes, you read that right; for as long as they let us, we'll be having TWO nights of gaming EVERY week! We'll have access to their bright, beautiful, spacious store with its many gaming tables and awesome library of games that everyone is welcome to play!

And, since The Brooklyn Gamelab is extra awesome, not only are you welcome to bring outside food and drink, but (drumroll please) there's absolutely NO FEE for admission! That's easily the best gaming deal in NYC, folks! All I ask is that you consider purchasing one of their many fine games once the gaming is done instead of buying from the dreaded interwebz.

This group is just getting started, so I'm looking to all of you to help me shape it into something amazing. For now, my vision for the group is to eventually provide a home to several different gaming styles, each with its own dedicated table and co-host/game facilitator/teacher:

Light party games like Coup, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, Dixit, Exploding Kittens, Skull, Sushi Go, The Resistance, etc.

Thematic "Ameritrash" games like Battlestar Galactica, Dead of Winter, Pandemic, Sheriff of Nottingham, etc.

Strategic "Euro" games like Carcassone, Lords of Waterdeep, Power Grid, Ticket to Ride, etc.

Finally, my favorites, dungeon crawl games like HeroQuest, Super Dungeon Explore (KAWAIIIIII!!!), Descent, Gloomhaven, and (as soon as I win Mega Millions) Kingdom Death: Monster!

I can't wait to game with you!


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