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Dope Soulfood is a social & supper club for outgoing women to have an excuse to visit the city, an amazing restaurant, or just to escape from home and enjoy a night out in the company of like-minded women. Dope Soulfood is on a mission to unify progressive women & successful female entrepreneurs across the GTA. We're looking to carve out a positive identity that reflects the beauty in the community and within ourselves as women and friends.

Dope Soulfood promotes wellness, empowerment, entrepreneurship, independence, creative expression, social connection, acceptance, inclusiveness, pro-activism, self-love, respect, and sisterhood, for all members of the SOULFOOD community.

Show support and like, follow, share, and help us to grow into a movement. This is a new type of sorority with no school attached.

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MEETUP GROUP LINK TO SHARE: Please like & share within your social circles - http://bit.ly/dopesoulfoodmeetups

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I am in my early 30s, a mother to 3 beautiful daughters, a filmmaker, serial entrepreneur and non-stop creator. I definitely would consider myself a foodie but my love for adventure, social outings, remaining open-minded, self-care & music, takes the cake!

I welcome FEEDBACK, SUGGESTIONS, THOUGHTS, QUESTIONS, HELLO at: dopesoulfood@hotmail.com or directly through meetup!

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