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DoraHacks will launch the Hackathon in Bangalore, the third Hack of DoraHacks in India, on October 6-October 7, 2018. We will find 200 best Hackers (there will also be several top hacker talents selecting from China) to start the 24 hours adventure journey. Use the most sophisticated blockchain technology to develop the most intense brainstorming, and to use a convincing work to solve the latest and most urgent problems in all sectors of human society.


Who are Hackers?

iOS/Android/Web development engineer
iOS/Android/Web front end
iOS/Android/Web back end
iOS/Android/Web full stack engineer
Data Analyst / AI Master
Blockchain related engineers -decentralized wallet development
Blockchain related engineers - smart contract development
Understanding Hacker Economy and Blockchain Business Model Hacker
Hacker familiar with mainstream blockchain source code (BCH/BTC/ETH, etc.)
Understand the consensus protocol design of Hacker (POW/POS/PBFT/DPOS/CASPER/DAG/mixed consensus)
Application layer security and security auditings experts such as wallets and smart contracts
Expert in blockchain protocol security and security auditing
Product and UI designer


What can hackers get in this hackathon?

1)200,000 rubles prize pool divided according to the number of votes. All the contestants who have received the votes can get the corresponding bonus according to the number of votes.
2)Contestants were qualified by professional selection and shared a surprising prize (TBA). Contestants who have been selected can be awarded the Excellent Hacker Prize of Brainstorm Creative Hacker and get the full/partial reimbursement of travel expenses.
3)Have the opportunity to meet the top hackers and tech pioneer in the industry
4)Work with the top hacker talents to brainstorm solutions for the real problems; engage in a battle with the best Hacker in the world
5)Present in front of Tech giants companies
6)Excellent hackers will have the opportunity to participate in China's 2019 Dorahacks global hack finals

How much should I pay to participate in this Hackathon?

This Hackathon is completely free for participants.
We will provide three meals a day, coffee, peripheral gifts and free Wi-Fi so that you have the best Hack experience.

How many are the recruitment numbers?

Only 100 Hacker admittance and then cycle screening(A total of 500 registration quotas, specifically by email notification). According to the order of registration, the title of the competition is continuous. The 100 hackers who past the test will get the qualification.

What rules do I need to follow?

Form of team:3-6 people.(team or on-site team)
Evaluation Criterion:
1.Practicality, Skill, creativity.
2.Increments within 24hours.
Hackers who Understand the business model of the tokens economy and the blockchain. Familiar with the mainstream blockchain source code. Understanding the consensus protocol design. Application layer security and safety audit experts, such as wallets and smart contracts. Blockchain protocol security and security audit experts. IOS/Android/Web Development Engineer. Blockchain engineer, Products, and UI designers.

What is the schedule?

Oct 6 Saturday

09:30-10:30 Sign in
10:30-12:00 Opening Ceremony(Technical support)
12:30-13:30 Lunch Served
13:30-18:00 Pitching & Team Building then Hack!
18:00-19:00 Performance, Dinner
19:00-20:00 Hacking
20:00-21:00 Team Information collecting
21:00-24:00 Hack, Midnight Snack

Oct 7 Sunday

00:00-08:00 Overnight Hack
08:00-08:30 Breakfast
08:45 Demo Submission Deadline
09:00-11:00 Demo fair, Voting
11:00-11:30 Closing Ceremony & Cash & Crypto Awards!
11:45-12:00 Group photo time

➤DoraHacks is a global hacker organization decentralized with the largest population of Hackers in China.
In 2018 we’re branching out to global hubs including San Francisco, Paris, Tokyo, New York, Seoul, Boston, Berlin, Oslo and major cities in the world.
DoraHacks' mission is to connect the most talented hackers around the world to solve the greatest problems we face in different industries and to overcome practical issues in our diversiform society. In 2018, Hackers Fund was founded by DoraHacks and BA Capital. Since its founding, Hackers Fund has concentrated on supporting Hackers’ to explore better, prettier and more applicable solutions for current industries and future world.

➤About Hackathon
Hackathon is a technology that originated and became popular in innovative places like Silicon Valley in the US. In the 24-hour hackathon, you are free to solve any problem of your choice or to participate in the prize-winning challenges. These challenges are provided by public chains which are supporting us during this event.

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