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Who are we?

We’re a friendly bunch of D&D players with a range of experience; from a few weeks to a few decades!

Based in and around the Dorking area (Surrey); we currently run over 30 campaigns of D&D (5th Edition), most of which are hosted on a fortnightly basis.

How does it work?

Rather than hosting game days where players would show up on a first-come, first-serve basis, we focus on putting together groups of 6-7 people, who will run through either an official or homebrew campaign on a regular schedule. This way, you will really get to know your fellow adventurers, as well as your own character.

We do host one-off games every now and then which anybody can jump into - as well as large events where we all get together for drinks, food and games!

I've signed up, what next?

You should receive an email from Meetup (which may go to your junk folder) with instructions on which Session 0 to join next. As the dates for these are agreed once the group is full, you may need to scroll down our list of events to find it. That date will be a placeholder, so don't worry if it clashes with something else you have planned.

*You will need to RSVP to a Session 0 event in order to join a campaign.*

So what are you waiting for!?

Join us now for what are bound to be epic times with great, like-minded people. There will be a few quick questions to answer when you join the group, and please be aware that it may take a little bit of time to get the next game filled (depending on how quickly we can find enough players and a DM).

You'll also find us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/DorkingDnD/), where we share news, stories, and occasionally recruit new players for existing campaigns.

Thanks for reading!


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[ PARTY FULL ] Group O

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[Adventuring Party Full] A bunch of strangers are enjoying the festivities of Mud Creek and are currently tucking into a hearty breakfast in a busy inn. Little did they know, this chance encounter would lead them onto an adventure that none will forget. After helping get rid of Mud Creek's pesky gerblin problem, our adventurers have been sent to help the local militia track down some orcs that breached the defences. With their task in hand, off the party went, but who knows what other monsters may lurk in the mountains. Whilst tracking down the orcs through a snowstorm, our adventurers find themselves going off course into a dimly lit cave. What could go wrong? Well 15 minutes later, our heroes find themselves fighting with Bugbears, human-faced dogs, charmed elderly men and an invisible hag whilst trying not to step upon the glorious plates of roast dinner before them. Not to mention 3 members are MIA, having their own special adventure in the next room, where our cleric is gripping a strange painting in one hand and in the other grabbing onto a spear sticking into our goliath, who is unconscious, levitating, red and sharp pointed teeth now growing out of his face being ridden like a floating helium horse balloon by our goblin who now is sporting transparent skin using a javelin to paddle his way towards the entrance of the cave. After a very difficult battle, our heroes come out victorious sending the hag off the edge flying off the mountain. Back inside the cave as night falls wholly over the mountains, the party settles down, gets accustomed to the members' new looks, eat some delicious roast dinner and take a long well-deserved rest. I wonder what new and exciting situations will our adventurers get themselves into when dawn breaks.

Adventures in CyberSpace (Group N2)


Adventures in Cyberspace is an online campaign that meets every Tuesday. We host the game on Fantasy Grounds and use free conferencing services to try and get the online experience as close to a bunch of players sitting around a table as possible. We play weekly to maintain a good momentum and to help keep everyone singing the same battle song. As we approach the end of our first year the party are fervently trying to survive the Dragon Heist and if not become obscenely rich then at least not die in the attempt ...or get imprisoned ...or hung. They do own a nice Inn in North Ward and as long as they can keep the repayments up nobody's going to be found floating in the docks. The players have pretty much stabilised as a party so we a currently not recruiting but do get in touch if this interests you because as with any D&D group players can drop out and if they do I'll reach out to you. ...End of line.

Group D2 - Princes of the Apocalypse [Group Full]

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The party continue their adventures battling the elemental intrusion in the Sumber Hills...

Adventures in Waterdeep. (Group Zed)

The Old House

Waterdeep, known as The City of Splendours, lies in the shadow of Mount Waterdeep on the shore of the best natural harbour along the Sword Coast. Undermountain, the greatest dungeon in all Faerûn, lies beneath the city’s streets and sewers, and the untamed hinterlands of the Sword Coast beckon to those daring enough to seek their fortune. Home to haughty nobles, diligent craftsmen, scheming merchants, daring sailors, and bold adventurers of every stripe. It has always been a centre of wealth and influence where those who dream of power, riches, or artistic fulfilment can come to realize their aspirations or die trying.

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[FULL] Group D Marelenis (new campaign)

The Bear

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