'Science As King' - Prof. Peter Atkins

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‘Science is King’ – a talk by Emeritus Professor and Patron of Humanists UK Peter Atkins.

In this talk, Peter Atkins will explore whether science can provide answers to all the great questions. That task involves deciding which great questions are real questions and which are merely projections of human angst. He will then consider the answers that science provides and is likely to provide to the real questions, arguing that it is the only reliable way forward and that its power is unbounded.

Peter Atkins is an emeritus professor of physical chemistry at the University of Oxford and a fellow of Lincoln College. He is the author of over 70 books, which include university-level textbooks and books on science for the general reader, including On Being and (most recently) Conjuring the Universe: The Origins of the Laws of Nature. He is a patron of Humanists UK.