The Human Brain: the most complex object in the universe - Norman Maclean

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The Human Brain: Probably the most complex object in the universe
by Norman Maclean

With over 100 billion nerve cells, each with between 1,000 and
10,000 interconnections, the Human brain is the most complex
structure in the universe. In this talk, Norman Maclean will discuss its
structure, the different functions of its distinct parts, the roles of the
left and right hemispheres, and how it performs in sleep. He will also
talk about brain operations by neurological surgeons, and what goes
wrong in diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and
brain tumours.

Norman Maclean is Emeritus Professor in Genetics at Southampton
University and a Patron of Humanists UK. He has written or edited a number of books including Silent Summer: The State of Wildlife in Britain and Ireland (2010) Cambridge University Press. Norman has given us fascinating talks in the past including evolution and animal rights.

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