Xamarin for C# developers With Luce Carter Microsoft MVP


It is a privilege to welcome to Liverpool Microsoft MVP Luce Carter

You can be faced with a nightmare of Xcode, Android Studio, Objective-C, Swift and other options. This means not only learning multiple languages and frameworks but also having to support at least two different codebases for the same application. But Xamarin Native and Xamarin.Forms offer a powerful, cross-platform development solution for .NET developers looking to target smartphones, tablets, TV’s, computers and IoT devices.

In this talk, Luce shares what Xamarin is including Native and Xamarin.Forms for both C# and F#, how to get started creating a simple HelloWorld app from scratch and a more complex example (will involve at least one Azure service including Cognitive Services for facial recognition). Also how to use Azure DevOps for Continuous Integration and some awesome examples of apps written using Xamarin including ones used to save lives!

Luce will take examples from xamarin.com/customers as well as show this demo about how Xamarin was used alongside other technologies to aid with Skin Cancer prediction.

This talk will include slides, demos, code samples, live coding and the audience will walk away feeling like they too can create a mobile app in just a few minutes and carry their work around with them in their pocket or backpack!

Thanks to our sponsors, we have arranged food and drinks so feel free to come down, socialise and take away the great knowledge our speaker will be sharing with us.

For any special dietary requirements, please drop one of our organisers a message before the event.


This meeting is on floor 13, 20 Chapel Street Unity Building, Liverpool L3 9AG

If you have any special dietary requirements please let us know via the group message forum. (https://secure.meetup.com/messages/)

If you would need assistance to leave the building in the event of an evacuation then please let us know via the group message forum. (https://secure.meetup.com/messages/)

Doors open from 18:00

Intro and welcome 18:40

Speakers from 18:50 (with a pizza break at some point )

Close ~21:00 (Don't feel bad if you have to leave early for a train/bus/lift home - no one will be offended)


Train - We are located just a couple of minutes walk from the Moorfields train station

Driving - There is a multi-story paid car park next door to the building we recommend - https://www.ncp.co.uk/find-a-car-park/car-parks/liverpool-moorfields/