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Let's talk about .Net and things around it, Where it's been, where it's going, why we love it, why we hate it, everything. Oh, and meet up with other like minded people, share what we know, gain some presentation skills while doing that, and maybe even have some workshops.

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Stateful serverless - A story of Azure Durable Functions in action

About Vlad: Senior .NET developer at Endava, passionated about cloud and .NET world. Eager to share his experience with others and learn from others. Description: Durable functions are an extension of well-known Azure Functions that enables you working with state in a serverless fashion. Let’s take a look at how this framework is working behind the scene.

.NET Conf watch party

Fab Lab Iasi


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C# in the browser - Blazor + RX

Fab Lab Iasi

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