SOA done right - workshop

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Go beyond the hype and build a solid foundation of theory and practice with this workshop on SOA development. We’ll understand service-oriented architecture concepts and DDD concepts such as bounded contexts and data ownership. You'll apply those concepts to build a simple, yet fully functional, order management system sample with a microservices architecture, using patterns such as command processing, pub/sub and long-running sagas.

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🚀 The course covers:

✅ UI Decomposition
✅ Data ownership across the enterprise
✅ Finding service boundaries
✅ Fault tolerance – HTTP and queues
✅ Reliable integration with 3rd party systems
✅ Scalability, high availability & monitoring
✅ Scalable command-processing endpoints
✅ Publish/subscribe event-processing interactions
✅ Long-running multi-stage business processes and policies
...and much more!