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Modeling in a Non-Relational World with Oren Eini

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Irina S. and Bogdan B.
Modeling in a Non-Relational World with Oren Eini


Oren's bio:
Oren Eini, CEO and founder of RavenDB, has more than 20 years of experience in the development world with a strong focus on the Microsoft and .NET ecosystem. Recognized as one of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals since 2007, Oren is also the author of "Inside RavenDB." He is an avid blogger, and you can also find him under his pseudonym as Ayende Rahien at

Talk: Modeling in a Non-Relational World

NoSQL databases are becoming increasingly more important. However, the vast majority of developers have learned to model and work with data only in a relational context.

Relational modeling inside NoSQL database is not only sub-optimal, but it is also frequently actively harmful.

In this session, Oren Eini will discuss modeling techniques in a non-relational system, how to take advantage of the database's capabilities and get the most out of it for your system.

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