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Calling all parents who want to boost their child's creativity, reduce stress and encourage mental clarity! In this day and age, technology has taken a toll on kid's ability to connect with others, be creative and most important just be kids! Science proves that we have a psychological need to create and make things and the benefits that come from doing so are simply amazing! I started this group because as a Health & Wellness coach and creative person, I love the mental freedom I get from painting. I believe mental freedom should be taught to kids so they better understand how to deal with the stresses of everyday life as they grow and what better way to do so then by encouraging them to express themselves through art?!

Not only will they have the ability to connect with others, this will provide a wonderful bonding experience for the both of you! The traditional 'Paint and Sip' doesn't have to just be for adults- kids can join in to! Delicious, healthy smoothies will be offered during our workshops. I look forward to connecting with you all while we fuel and nourish the minds of the youth!

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