What we're about

We are a new coffee company that is changing the way you experience your favorite caffeinated drink.

We have three main goals with this meetup:

1 - raising money for music and arts programs in public schools. 5% off everything we make is donated to different programs that help fund music and arts in public schools! Plus, we have charity raffles at all our meetups to try and earn more for the kids!

2 - to showcase our amazing coffee and create social networking events where we bring in other coffee enthusiasts and get to know each other.

3 - to assist anybody interested in becoming a micro or craft roaster — similar to the way the craft beer and home brewing scene took off, we’d like to help people interested in roasting their own line of coffee. Yes, we do sell green coffee beans from six different countries and we would love to show you roasting techniques.

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Instagram: @doublekickcoffee

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