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I am not a poet, but love poetry. And nothing is like poetry read aloud. Not reading it to yourself or hearing it on a recording. So are there poets out there or poetry lovers who would like to read their favorite poems and/or hear poetry read? And can maintain silence? And can abide by ZERO tolerance for disrespect (readers: listeners: poetry providers)? Perhaps a small elected committee can be formed to protect this environment should it (hopefully not) become necessary? In this way we can always as a group respectfully request that someone who is disrespectful leave and not return.

I'd like to somehow be able to guarantee (as much as anything of this nature can be guaranteed) a safe, peaceful, provocative, sometimes humorous experience. (I'm sure I missed a few adjectives.) Perhaps that's not possible? Poetry and vulnerability are married in a way, aren't they?

I completely disagree with censoring art. But art can be harmful inappropriately (it SHOULD harmful to bad things) and I want to prevent collateral damage--if/when possible. They're out there: innocents and brutes of both genders. [big] BUT. I welcome ideas on how to manage this, or opinions about whether it needs to be managed at all. Show up with a poem you love/wrote and, if possible, read it to the group. If not, maybe someone would be happy to read your favorite poem! Or just come and have a listen.

I just got this idea tonight. I'll be thinking about meetup locations--ideas are welcome. I'll be back soon. -KE

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