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Silent Revue: Sunrise (1927) @ The Revue Cinema
I've always wanted to check out a silent film with live music accompaniment, but just never quite seemed to get around to it - I gotta sort that out! If you'd like to join me, tickets are $16.68 with service fees if you buy online, not sure what they are at the door (or if they'll sell out or not) -- If anyone is interested, there's heaps of places in the area to grab a drink after the show Description from the eventbrite page: "In the hands of the German Expressionist master, it beautifully balances a simple tale of temptation with glorious, groundbreaking aesthetics. The marriage of a rural couple is threatened when a sophisticated “Woman From the City” (Margaret Livingston) embarks on an affair. After she suggests that her lover (George O’Brien) sell the farm and drown his wife (Janet Gaynor), the intended victim flees to the big city with her husband, riddled by shame, in pursuit. Combining the stylistic exaggeration and distortion of his German-produced works like Faust and Nosferatu with Fox’s patented delicacy in storytelling, Murnau created a wholly unique work that transcends time and place. Truly one of the must-see films of the twentieth century. Presentation format: 4K Silent Revue is curated by Alicia Fletcher" Music provided by :

Revue Cinema

400 Roncesvalles Ave · Toronto, ON

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    This is a group for people who love the downtown and surrounding neighborhoods and would like to find cool new bars, join new friends while attending some of the cities more interesting cultural events, or even just get out of the house for a night! This group is aimed at people in there 20's 30's and 40's

    Some of the meetups I've enjoyed hosting on a regular basis are:

    - Adventures in New Bars: well at least new bars to me:p These may be some of your old favorites! I like to do the odd bar crawl, make sure I check out all of the new breweries opening up. I tend to avoid the larger chain restaurants/bars

    - Dance Parties: I'm trying to find unpretentious bars with great dance floors! Some of my favorites so far are Clinton's, The Piston, The Boat.. and I'm always on the lookout for new dance parties

    - Cheap Live Art & Entertainment: there's SO MUCH awesome performance art going on in Toronto - and a lot of it is super cheap! Toronto has great festivals, Fringe ( ), SummerWorks ( ), Dusk Dances ( ) were a few highlights for me this year. I also try to make it a point to get out to see some storytelling (check out True Stories Told Live Toronto's youtube if you're not sure what the story telling scene is all about: or live comedy (Sunday's on the Cloak and Dagger patio is my summer time fav for comedy -

    - other Random Stuff: dinners out, brunch, bar trivia, movies or whatever else you might suggest!

    I also go to a lot of live music, so I started a separate meetup group for that:

    A few notes:

    1- this is not a singles group, if you are making your fellow members uncomfortable via unsolicited messages, unwanted attention or in any other way you will be removed

    2- the expectation is that if you RSVP, you will make every effort to showup.. if you are not sure you'll be able to make it, please do wait til you are sure before RSVPing

    3- generally I host small meetups and don't make reservations at whatever venue we are attending and as such I typically cap the attendance level at quite a low number of people so that we don't run into space issues.

    If you come to a few events and you are reliable in your rsvping/attendance I will usually make space for you in whatever event you wish to attend. Likewise, if you are not reliable, you may find yourself removed from events where there is a long waitlist in favor of someone with a better attendance record.

    I realize this can make it hard for new members to make it out to events, so I'm really going to make more of an effort to hold a few spots for new members in each event.. so if you're an existing member and you don't make it off the waitlist for an event, don't take it personally, I still like you:) I'm just trying to be fair to everybody and trying to help build new connections between people.

    If you've been on the waitlist for awhile, check your messages. I'll check in with you via DM to make sure you're still interested in joining before I move you off the waitlist.

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