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Take a brief moment to think back to your time in elementary school. Was recess your favorite time of day? If so, this Meetup is for you. We are bringing back recess for those who miss it and crave it. Why?

Many of us, as children, lived for recess. School was tolerable, because we could look forward to getting outside with our friends. Before recess, we were motivated to get our work done. After recess, we were energized and ready to finish the day. Unfortunately, at some point in school, recess went away. What many of us didn't realize is that the loss of recess affected our creative energy. Many studies are showing that adults are deprived of play, and that this deprivation is a source of stress and anxiety. In his book Play it Away, Charlie Hoehn highlights his personal experiences in adding play to his life, with the outcome being cured anxiety and a new playful energy in his career. This Meetup is dedicated to finding ways to bring play back into your life. Here are some frequently asked questions.

Where in Downtown Denver can we meet to play?
This is, indeed, a challenge, as there are no large parks in the middle of downtown. We will rotate locations between Benedict Fountain Park in Uptown, Civic Center Park in Capitol Hill, Sculpture Park by the Denver Performing Arts Center, and Confluence Park/Commons Park by Union Station.

Do I have to change clothes?
NO. While you may break a light sweat, the goal is to do simple activities that don't involve running or rolling on the ground. While a comfortable pair of shoes is recommended, you need not change your footwear (although high heels may be challenging in grass). There are tons of people at the park, how can I find everyone?
Each Meetup will designate an area of the park in which we will meet. However, participants will be wearing green or blue headbands, which will be provided. So, just look for the people with the headbands. What if it rains, snows, or is cold?
If there is snow on the ground, if it is raining at the start of the Meetup, or if it is under 35 degrees, the Meetup will not be held. You can still show up if you are hearty enough, but there is no guarantee than anybody will join you. I am not athletic, and I am terrible at most if not all sports. Should I attend?
ABSOLUTELY! The goal is to play without the objective of "winning." While we cannot do anything to prevent the subjective judgment of others, the goal is to create an encouraging group. I thrive on competition. Is this Meetup for me?
Many people are competitive, and that is OK. However, we believe that there can be great value in "turning off" the competitive part of your brain, at least for a while. So, the goal will not be to compete and win, but to get out, move around, and make friends. There are plenty of competitive sports leagues around town that may serve as better outfits if this is your personality. Competitive types are more than welcome, but aggression, judgment, and dominance towards others will NOT be tolerated. Can I bring friends or coworkers?

What type of games will be played?
This is completely up to the group. We can toss around frisbees, play wiffleball, kick a ball, throw around a Nerf football, etc. On occasion, an icebreaker game may be thrown in as well. Will there be contact?
There may be light contact in some games, but you do not have to participate at all if you are not comfortable. However, please note that this is a co-ed group, and unwanted advances, physical flirtation, and harassment will NOT be tolerated. What do I do if someone in the group creeps me out?
Let the group leads know, and we will do what we can to make this a comfortable environment. Please note, though, that as with any public group activity, little can be done to guarantee a safe environment. What if I get hurt?
If you get hurt, you cannot hold Meetup, or the administrators or participants in the group, liable for your injuries. By attending, you accept this risk and waive your right to hold others responsible. In other words, if you get hurt, its all on you - do not attend if you are a frivolous litigant.

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