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This group is the Downtown Chapter of the Los Angeles County Real Estate Investors Association ("LAC-REIA"). Founded twenty-six years ago (1996) by the legendary Phyllis Rockower, the Los Angeles County Real Estate Investors Association (formerly known as the "Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Club”) is the oldest and largest investor group in California. We also have chapters in Orange, Ventura, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties, as well as nine Meetup groups. Our mission is to provide: (1) education, (2) networking, and (3) mentoring to real estate investors throughout Southern California.

We meet on the 2nd Thursday of every month in Los Angeles. We start at 6:30 pm for our unique Vendor Expo (in our exhibition area). Our general meeting runs from 7:30 to 9:30 pm. We proudly present the finest national and international speakers for in-depth real estate education. Learn from our great speakers and network with fellow investors.

For beginner investors that need special help getting started, we offer our super-duper world-famous Mentoring Program. For our experienced investors, we have our special Gold Membership with their own private meetings and advanced seminars.

In 2016, Phyllis passed and fellow investor and author Lloyd Segal assumed leadership of LAC-REIA. In his role as President, Lloyd and his team have been busy expanding LAC-REIA events and programs for members and real estate investors. Among our many activities and benefits:

1. Monthly Meetings. We conduct our General Meetings (free) on the second Thursday of every month, 6:30 to 9:30 pm.

2. Vendor Expos. We conduct monthly Vendor Expos (free), before our general meetings, where you can “meet and greet” over 40 real estate professionals eager to work with you on your next project.

3. LAC-REIA University. We conduct monthly workshops, classes, seminars, and boot camps on various real estate subjects.

4. Gold Membership. Our exclusive Gold Membership is for experienced investors looking for special VIP experiences and private events.

5. Mentoring Program. We have the best Private Mentoring Program in the Western Hemisphere! For those of you new to real estate investing and need help getting started, our mentoring is for you.

6. Loan Center. Our Loan Center (free) has over 100 lenders eager to finance your next deal. These lenders will actually compete for your business.

7. Wholesale Deals. Every Friday we email you our “Wholesale Deals” with properties available for you to buy. The list is free to members (with Gold Members receiving first priority).

8. Rubbing Elbows Podcast. LAC-REIA hosts a weekly podcast called “Rubbing Elbows” (Thursdays at 8:00 pm and streaming thereafter), with the latest local real estate news, starring our very own Chuck Dorfman and Lior Yehuda.

9. Monday Morning Quarterback. Lloyd’s award-winning “Monday Morning Quarterback” newsletter (free) with the latest real estate news comes out every Monday morning to help you start the week.

10. Basic Training Boot Camp. It all starts with our quarterly Real Estate Basic Training Boot Camp, where we teach you the fundamentals of real estate investing. Don’t miss it!

As you can see there is something for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or experienced investor. Best of all, there are no membership fees and most of our activities are FREE.  Please go to www.LARealEstateInvestors.com and get started. If you have any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at 310-792-6404. We’re always here to help you…

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"Let's Fix & Flip Houses"

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Fixing & Flipping Houses. Everyone dreams of flipping houses, but very few ever really do it. Why is that? Rehabs are fun and challenging, and the profits can be enormous. Plus, compared to other investments, you receive your profits in months (not years). So why don’t more people do it? The answer is simple; people don’t know how to get started. They don’t know where to turn, what to do, or who to trust. Well, stay tuned, because we have the answer.

Guest Speaker. The answer is the incredible Joe Arias, our very special guest speaker at our August meeting. From a young immigrant with no financial literacy to a celebrated real estate investor, Joe is a true testament to hard work and discipline. Joe Arias and his partners have flipped hundreds of properties in Southern California. Out of those rehabs, Joe developed cutting-edge systems to simplify and scale the entire remodel process that can easily be applied to fixing and flipping houses in volume. Joe is also a best-selling author. He has written four books; “Finding your RealSuccess,” “Flipping with RealSuccess,” “Rentals with RealSuccess,” and “Success Plan.” As an educator, he has made it his mission to help others achieve financial freedom while enjoying a life of passion, fulfillment, and empowerment. Don’t miss Joe’s presentation!

During his presentation, Joe will cover four crucial topics: (1) How to find houses to flip, (2) How to finance your purchase, (3) How to rehab your property, and (4) How to flip your house quickly for fun and profit. Specifically, Joe will be discussing:

1. Where to find properties to rehab.
2. How to structure the deals.
3. How to find partners and/or lenders to finance your deals.
4. How to determine what needs (and doesn’t need) to be rehabbed.
5. How to deal with contractors and subs-contractors.
6. How to find the best deals on materials, parts, lumber & appliances.
7. How to set-up a budget that works.
8. Whether to use a Realtor or FSBO.
9. How to market your properties for quick flips.

If you’re already fixing and flipping houses, or just getting started, you’re going to love Joe’s presentation! Joe is going to explain why “fixing & flipping” is the most lucrative (and most fun) strategy in real estate investing. Plus, he has plenty of real estate experiences and examples to share with you. Most importantly, he has actually done it in the L.A. competitive market. As such, Joe is going to show you how to get started and be successful.

Date & Time: Thursday night, August 11, 2022, 6:30 to 9:30 pm.

Location: Iman Cultural Center, 3376 Motor Avenue, LA 90034 (between National and Palms).

Parking: Metered & free street parking. (But don’t come “fashionable late” or you’ll be forced to park in Long Beach and take an Uber to the Iman.)

Free Admission: Admission to our meetings is always FREE (complimentary), but reservations are recommended.

RSVP: To register, please go to www.LaRealEstateInvestors.com, and press the red button “Register Here” located directly below the Joe Arias flyer.

Los Angeles County Real Estate Investors Association (“LAC-REIA”). Founded in 1996, LAC-REIA is the oldest and largest investor group in California. Our Association helps people invest in real estate by offering (1) education, (2) networking, and (3) mentoring. If you need help with any of our services, please let us know.

Real Estate Vendors Expo Returns August 11th

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Vendors Expo. Our carbon-neutral, bio-degradable, gluten-free, world-famous "Real Estate Vendors Expo" returns on Thursday night, August 11, 2022, at the Los Angeles County Real Estate Investors Association. The Vendor Expo will be open starting at 6:30 pm. The Vendors Expo will continue from 9:30 to 10:30 pm (after the completion of our general meeting).

We'll have a collection of over forty (40) of the finest vendors with all of the real estate services you will need to become a successful investor, including private lenders, title companies, data services, CPA, escrow companies, building suppliers, title insurance, home inspectors, business credit, tax auctions, Realtor services, hard money lenders, Airbnb, mortgage brokers, 1031 exchanges facilitators, contractors, out-of-state investment opportunities, insurance agents, credit repair consultants, staging companies, and much MUCH more! So come early, meet and greet, and expand your "Dream Team" of real estate professionals that are eager to help you succeed. Be sure to bring lots and lots of business cards to pass out. This is a fantastic networking opportunity.

Date & Time: Thursday night, August 11, 2022, 6:30 to 8:00 pm

Location: Iman Cultural Center, 3376 Motor Avenue, Los Angeles 90034 (between National and Palms).

Parking: Metered and Free street parking.

Free Admission. Remember, our Vendor Expos (and general meetings) are always FREE.

RSVP. Please RSVP directly at www.LARealEstateInvestors.com.

Vendors Wanted: We already have over 40 vendors, but we're always looking for more! If you have a service and/or product that would be helpful to our real estate investors, members, and guest, we want you! If you (or someone you know) would like to be a vendor at our Vendor Expos, please contact us [masked]).

Real Estate Basic Training Boot Camp

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Basic Training Real Estate Boot Camp

"Everything you ever needed to know about
real estate investing…but were afraid to ask”

If your New Year's Resolutions include investing in real estate, we've got the Boot Camp for you! Real estate investing is fun and challenging, and the profits are fantastic. Plus, compared to other investments, you receive your profits in days (wholesaling), months (fix & flip), or years (rentals). So why don’t more people do it? The answer is simple; people don’t know how to get started. They don’t know what to do, where to turn, or who to trust. Well, if this is your predicament, our upcoming LIVE (and virtual) Basic Training Real Estate Boot Camp is for you! At the Boot Camp you will learn everything you need to know to get started as a real estate investor.

Our Boot Camp is scheduled for Saturday, October 29, 2022, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. If you've been dreaming of becoming a real estate investor, but didn't know how to get started, this Basic Training Boot Camp is for you! This Boot Camp is hosted by the Los Angeles County Real Estate Investors Association and will be taught by the SCARIEST military drill sergeant in the Western Hemisphere, Lloyd Segal.

In this intensive 8-hour Boot Camp, you will learn how to find deals, how to evaluate the market value of the property, how to submit offers, find the financing, and how to deal with escrow, title insurance, due diligence, and inspections, as well as the following:

  • How to find deals
  • Foreclosure
  • Wholesaling (Assignments)
  • Deeds
  • Title Insurance
  • Promissory notes
  • How to finance your deals
  • Deeds of trust
  • Mortgages
  • Easements
  • Purchase contracts
  • Probate
  • Escrow
  • Structuring deals
  • Realtors
  • Submitting Offers
  • Lease-options
  • Leases
  • Trusts
  • And much MUCH more!

There has NEVER been a more exciting time to become a real estate investor (either full-time or part-time). And your time is NOW! This Boot Camp is also a prerequisite to other LAC-REIA University classes.

Date & Time: Saturday, October 29, 2022, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

LOCATION. Iman Cultural Center, 3376 Motor Avenue (between National and Palm), Los Angeles, CA 90034.

PARKING: Free parking in the Iman parking lot and metered street parking.

COST: The Boot Camp costs $149.00 per person if paid before October 21. After October 21, the price jumps to $1 million per person! So don't wait to register! (Gold Members of LAC-REIA and former boot campers can attend for FREE.)

REGISTRATION: If you want to attend this Boot Camp, please register (and pay) at www.LARealEstateInvestors.com. The registration process is very simple. Let's get started!

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How to Increase & Utilize Your Credit Profile

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