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Eurogames, Ameritrash and Cards
Please bring anything you'd like to teach and play or be prepared to learn from others. Because three and a half hours is a hard time-frame, long-lasting epic games should be proposed and agreed to by others before hand. I have a broad selection of games and will choose many to consider. You are certainly able to request specific games - you can see my games at: Because of seating and table constraints, RSVPs will only be accepted for sixteen players. When you do RSVP, because space is so tight, please be considerate of others and cancel your RSVP as quickly as possible when you know you're not attending in order to mitigate the "wait list" that occurs. Everyone's busy and life intercedes, which is not a problem. Just be thoughtful. Please be aware that you will be banned if you RSVP and fail to attend when there is a wait list - the only exception is if only Co-Organizers are on the wait list since they are always allowed to attend. We will generally play in my condominium social room at 1200 On The Mall, Minneapolis, which is at the intersection of 12th Street and Nicollet Avenue, downtown Minneapolis. The entrance to my building is at the corner of 12th Street and LaSalle Avenue - just follow the brown awning leading from 12th Street. If you're driving, get to 12th and LaSalle. If you're south-bound on LaSalle, get into the left lane when you cross 12th and immediately turn left into my parking lot. If you're east-bound on 12th, turn right into the left lane and immediately turn left into my parking lot. I do have some free parking available for guests but it is catch-as-catch-can, first come, first serve - just be sure to sign your car in. Otherwise street parking is not too much fuss. The entry code for the "buzzer" is 069. Generally, this is not intended as an eating venue although snacks are fine. If you need napkins, please bring them. BYOB - alcohol is fine but moderation is expected. Since there are no cups/glassware, please bring a bottle for water or bottled whatever.

1200 On The Mall Condominium Social Room

1200 Nicollet Avenue · Minneapolis, MN

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Ideally, you abide and enjoy the social contract when playing middle-weight board and card games. Bring to teach and learn to play.

Somewhere in the dead-center of the board and card gaming universe are folks who want the challenge of learning and playing Euro and "Ameritrash" board games and card games. Those folks have a long and varied list of games they wish to play. When a game calls for it, those folks don't mind managing luck, being tinkered by or tinkering with others, and accepting victory or defeat with aplomb. When a game calls for it, those folks don't mind relying on independent strategy involving little or no chance, more complex rules, and intense play. Somewhere near that center are folks who embrace the social nature of playing games and act accordingly.

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