Out of Clutter, Find Simplicity

Downtown NYC Tech Meetup
Downtown NYC Tech Meetup
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What we're doing...

• Drinking beer

• Eating pizza

• Meeting like-minded people

• Learning about simplifying application deployment with tools like ContainerShip (https://www.containership.io/) and Flynn (https://flynn.io/)

Who's presenting?

• Phil Dougherty is co-founder and CEO of ContainerShip, the easiest way to orchestrate containerized applications and microservices across multiple cloud providers. Phil has been involved in web hosting and systems for over 10 years, leading teams at NYC-based hosting companies, as well as the leading mobile commerce provider for retailers.

• Jonathan Rudenberg is CTO and co-founder of Flynn, an easy to use open source platform as a service that hosts apps and databases.

Special thanks to Splash (https://splashthat.com/) for hosting!