What we're about

Meet nearby software developers, eat free food, and discuss a variety of coding interests, experiences, languages, and platforms. We want learn about interesting new areas of software development, cross-train each other, and have fun.

Our meetups will cover a variety of topics rather than a single technology or language. We do hands-on tutorials on the things we're learning at work (or for fun) - some examples of past / upcoming topics are:

- React and D3 frameworks in Javascript
- Machine Learning with Python and Jupyter notebooks
- Cross-platform .NET Core
- Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)
- Serverless cloud apps

Upcoming events (3)

Downtown - Intro to Elixir

Software Technology Group

Intro to Elixir - Denver Smith (Detailed description pending)

Downtown - Intro to Prolog

Software Technology Group

Intro to Prolog - Max Taggart (Detailed description pending)

Downtown - PWAs, the Store-free Installable Web App

Software Technology Group

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) - Brian Richins The browser is becoming a powerful platform for delivery, and is now spilling out into the OS. PWAs can be installed on mobile devices and the desktop alongside native apps, and can access hardware, send notifications, and make all your dreams come true.* Come learn about the many, many advantages of PWAs, how they compare with native apps, and work through building a demo app from scratch using Workbox. * Wish fulfillment not guaranteed, your results may vary.

Past events (1)

Guest presenters Sarah Kapehe and Chris Sevilleja

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