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Dowsing is an ancient art practiced throughout the world. A dowser communicates with the Universe through the use of mind, body and tools. Tools such as pendulums and L-rods are used to receive answers to questions from beyond one’s three-dimensional senses. Dowsing is the active experiencing of intuition. Dowsing is intuition in motion.

A dowser’s practice ultimately requires one to connect to the subconscious; this fosters a deep quest for knowledge and the insight to understand the answers to questions asked. Interconnectedness and kinship with the planet and all living beings emerges. Many dowsers have developed a great reverence for the Earth and human consciousness, and they work in ways that reflect that understanding.

Dowsers have been known to move water veins, clean polluted water, neutralize toxic energy and remove obstacles to healing, all with the power of thought and focused intent. Dowsers seek to find answers and solutions that will create balance and harmony in the world.

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Monthly meeting agenda:

12:30 Doors open

1:00 Meeting begins

3:30 Classes begin

4:30 Clean up

Meeting costs:

$5 American Society of Dowsers (ASD) members

$7 Visitors

See February 13 Meetup announcement below for more details.

Meeting Location:

Divine Science Community Center

San Jose's Center for Spirituality and Wholeness

1540 Hicks Avenue

San Jose, CA 95125

Office: (408) 293-3838



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