September Speaker Roxanne Louise on Heal Yourself to Heal Your World!

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Location: Community of Infinite Spirit (Formerly Divine Science Community Center) in San Jose. See below for address and driving directions.

Our September Speaker is

Roxanne Louise
Heal Yourself to Heal Your World!

It is very easy to compile a lengthy list of what is wrong in the world. But what if that world, filled as it is with people just like us, was simply a reflection of our own issues and what was unhealed within ourselves? Is it not then conceivable that in healing ourselves first, and then through intention to offer that healing telepathically to others, that we would create powerful tsunami of positive change?

As the saying goes, 'no man is an island'. What you think and feel not only guides your actions but also affects me through the principle of Quantum Entanglement. That is good news because in healing ourselves we help others to heal as well, who then help others, rippling through the pond to make a very, real difference. Come and learn practical ways of how to get started.

Roxanne Louise, now President of the American Society of Dowsers, is a longtime Dowser, Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master, who has presented many times at the American Society of Dowsers, as well as the West Coast Conference, and the Southern Dowsing Conference. Since 1992, she has also taught at several national hypnosis conventions yearly, and many other conferences, e.g., the US Psychotronics. She won six top national awards in hypnosis including two for Lifetime Achievement, and received this year's ASD "Special Recognition Award" for running two teleconferences monthly for the past couple of years, and was named last year's ASD "Educator of the Year". She founded and directs Central Virginia Dowsers in Charlottesville. Roxanne is author of ten books including two on dowsing. Her website is, and her very extensive blog is

Meeting Agenda:
12:30 Doors open - Classes with Keith and Joachim
1:45 Meeting begins
2:00 Speaker
3:30 Classes begin
4:30 Clean-up

Meeting Entrance Fee:
$5 American Society of Dowsers (ASD) Members
$7 Visitors

Classes may include:

- Continue discussion with guest speaker
- Basic dowsing techniques – Keith Smyth
- Harmonizing with Joachim Wippich

Dinner: (optional) Following the meeting, attendees sometimes choose to continue sharing and socializing at a nearby restaurant.

Items for Sale / Fundraising: Items will be available for sale during and after the meeting. Donated materials such as books are very much appreciated; proceeds benefit the chapter.