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We love to roll dice and make sh*t up. We’re looking for fun-loving, clever and personable people to share laughs, adventure, and excitement. No experience necessary— in fact, we love curious newcomers or people returning to gaming after life got in the way. Join the party!

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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: The Forgotten Five (Ep 2)

Thief Monk of Ranald Outlaw Duelist Halfling Agitator Drifters on the fringe, your disreputable and inglorious group scrapes for dignity, justice and survival by any means necessary. You’ve all been marginalized and that suits you just fine.

D&D 5e: Troubles in the Dessarin Valley Part 3

Having gained the trust of some of the townsfolk, our heroes learned of a nearby landmark that may have been the source of some of the area's strange occurrences. What they found at Lance Rock was worse than they imagined. The necromancer they encountered had created his own factory of the dead, churning out zombies and skeletons and...worse. But this strange man seemed, at least at one time, to be the member of a noble family. What drove him to this madness? What was the strange item they found in his bedroom...was it just the focus of his madness...or something more sinister? The group camps outside the caverns, in the shadow of Lance Rock and rests and heals as best they can, glad for the fresh air though the stench of death and decay still lingers, almost as if it had seeped into their clothing and gear. The night is dark and the surrounding hills are still eerily devoid of normal sounds. Their sleep is uneventful but tinged with restlessness and some undefinable eerie feeling. The group discusses the strange necromancer and theorizes what he was doing and how he came to be there as they make their way back to Red Larch. The sun is setting as they approach the edge of town, their mood is lifted as they begin to see towns people, in the midst of leading their normal lives...until the screaming starts.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Perilous Undertakings (Ep 2)

Dwarf Trollslayer High Ellf Warden River Warden Initiate of Morr Like the skull that dominates the emblem of your mercenary company’s logo, you’ve all been fractured in some way — and you are all emblematic of death. You deal it. You revere it. You seek it. Just not today, right?

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