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~ Feel Much Lighter, Happy, and Free!

Results of Meditation & Healing:

Become more relaxed, peaceful, energized, and focused!

Feel yourself getting lighter and lighter!

Live at a Higher Level of Consciousness!

Experience more happiness and joy!

Let go of stress, anger, sadness, anxiety, and pain!

Allow the Divine to fully guide you to reach your true destiny!

Learn how to use your own healing power!

Become more enlightened along your spiritual journey!

Strengthen your trust to maintain absolute faith!

Attract more prosperity!

Strengthen your self-belief!

Connect more with your true purpose!

Always feel your connection with your Higher Self!

And, so much more!

Come experience your own healing shift as you also connect with other beautiful souls that are on similar paths in life! You are always welcomed to this ultimate life-changing experience!

*To receive a healing faster for your own needs, Energy Healing Sessions are available! Contact Dr. Jess to schedule at jgtregle@gmail.com or at 504-352-6418; http://drjesstregle.com

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Meditation Retreat + Increase Your Happiness!!

Healing Space

Outdoor Meditation at Audubon Park!

Audubon Park

Outdoor Meditation at the Tree of Life + Massages!!

Tree of Life

Meditation Retreat with Dr. Jess

Healing Space


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