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Drawdown in the World
• is the home site for the Project Drawdown, organized by Paul Hawken
• The book, Drawdown, is the first product of Project Drawdown.

​The Drawdown Initiative of the Pachamama Alliance is a program to increase public awareness and engagement in the movement to reverse global warming.

Project Drawdown, founded by author and environmentalist Paul Hawken, is a scientifically based, comprehensive plan to implement the top 100 solutions to reverse global warming by 2050. Reversing climate change is not only possible, but feasible and eminently practical. The New York Times bestselling book sets out the solutions, the math and the economics of how we can actually do this in an inspirational and accessible way.

​Drawdown in Canada
• ​ is being developed as the website for whatever is happening in Canada to build the movement to achieve drawdown. JLS Global (Caledon) is currently holding responsibility for building out this website in the near future.​

Drawdown Markham aims to develop a locally relevant program to generate enough activity to create a hub of Drawdown activity in York Region and the GTA.
• We intend on developing partnerships with people, organizations, companies and local governments who are committed to actions that will achieve drawdown.
We help to connect you with other change makers, and galvanize local action with a new sense of optimism and agency.

Facebook Group:

Drawdown activity in the GTA includes Drawdown Caledon, Drawdown Toronto and Drawdown Richmond Hill (so far, at the time of this writing). Others are currently being created elsewhere across Ontario, Canada and globally (in places like Europe).

At the heart of activity in the GTA is:
• Drawdown Toronto, which has been partnering with Unify Toronto and has initiated a 13-month plan to set Toronto (and the GTA) on a course of action that will result in achieving local drawdown by 2050 or sooner.
Access details of Unify Toronto’s full Drawdown program at:

Activity in Toronto included a series of introductions to Drawdown, seven sector summits, and a 4-session course that provided vital information about how people can reverse global warming in their own communities.

Find out more about Drawdown at
Learn about the Pachamama Alliance, creators of the Drawdown introduction and course, at

Contact us to schedule a conversation or an event by connecting to:
Lloyd Helferty, Chair
Community Sustainability (CoSWoG), A working group of Science for Peace!forum/coswog
Core Group team member, Drawdown Toronto, Richmond Hill and Markham
Founder, Energime-Global Cooperation Day Turtle Island

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