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Pleased to meat you! (Hyuk!)

We're a diverse and inclusive group of artists from the SF Bay Area who have regular drawing meet-ups around the San Francisco peninsula area (mostly centered around Redwood City/San Mateo/South San Francisco). If you love to draw (and geek out about movies, comics, manga, anime, video games, etc) come and join us! Don't worry about your skill level - from beginners to professionals we welcome all! Age-wise, we're all, roughly ages 25 and ups holding down jobs and adulting. Sound like the kind of bunch you'd like to hang out with? We hope so!

Other than nerding out and drawing, we invite you to play some fun drawing activities. It's amazing to see the outcomes no matter what level you are! The main objective here is to have fun with fellow artists. So bring your art supplies, any projects you're working on, and we'll see you at a MEATup!

Outside of MEATups, we hope you'll join us for discussions here, our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/779900052088362/) group page, or Discord (https://discord.gg/457Pe2S)!.

Get social with us!

• DrawingMeats.com (http://www.drawingmeats.com/)

www.drawingmeats.com (http://www.drawingmeats.com/)

• Twitter (https://twitter.com/DrawingMeats)

• Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/drawingmeats/)

• Tapastic (http://tapastic.com/series/Drawing-Meats)

See you at the next MEATup!

-The Drawing Meats team

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Drawing MEATup Feb 22 12:30PM

Paris Baguette

Drawing MEATup Feb 8 12:30PM

Penelope's Coffee and Tea

Drawing MEATup Jan 25 12:30PM

Paris Baguette

Drawing MEATup Jan 11 12:30PM

Penelope's Coffee and Tea

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