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In our lives as artists, work is demanded of us in many forms to survive: our jobs, taking care of our bodies, our relationships, having a social life, chores etc. It's hard to find a balance between that work life and our creative life. If we're in that work mode, it's also hard to know what we need and when we need it to keep that balance.

Dream Alley is a group that meets regularly to discuss and engage with our dreams. Through dream work and dream analysis, we can (re)discover our innate creativity and understand where we need more balance, where we're stuck, and how we can move forward with our creative practice. Doing this in a group helps us to make time for this worthwhile inner work and collaborate to expand our perspectives, methods, and scope for interpreting our dreams as artists.

Here's what we'll do:

- Meet regularly to discuss a dream we've had (recently or in the past) and the questions we have about them

-Learn and practice different dream analysis techniques together and share interpretations

- Engage creatively with our interpretations (drawing, coloring, journaling, collaging or writing, whatever moves you)

We think dream work is so important for finding the nourishment and insights we need to enrich our inner and creative lives. We're so excited to start doing this work together!

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