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What we’re about

Interested in understanding the messages in your dreams? Wanting to find deeper meaning in everyday life? Seeking ways to have integrity and be fully awake while on the spiritual paths? Then come and join us!

Each meeting will be facilitated by an experienced psychotherapist and group facilitator, who can share some ideas or assist with dream interpretation and integration if necessary.

For those who are interested in working on dreams on their own or in between meetups, you can try our free on-line dream interpretation app or download our iPhone app , or Android app which incorporate methods we use in Dream Cafe.

We also hosts occasional mini-workshops and weekend workshops on cutting edge dream work methods that weave together Jungian psychology, Process-oriented psychology, sociology, various schools of bodywork, the latest findings in science, as well as spiritual traditions around the world.

The meetups will be held in relaxed and friendly atmosphere. No prior experience with dream work is necessary. All dream explorers are welcome!