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This meet up is particularly great for entrepreneurs, start ups, small business owners who are looking to sell their self and their business, and win people over on first impressions alone. The purpose of this group is to meet with likeminded people who are looking to cut through the noise and be seen and heard in a crowded market, and to discover what is currently holding you back. It is for people who are keen to learn how to dress for success.

What you wear makes up over 80% of your first impression. This meet up creates a safe container to share real life stories and receive invaluable feedback on how you are showing up through the way you dress and the message that you portray.

Participating in discussion, you will discover how to WIN people over on first impressions alone, and how to sell yourself and reach your personal and career goals.

You will experience a new found confidence and you'll get clear about the message you portray through your dress, and you'll find out the action steps you'll need to take to look and feel sharper than you ever have before.

One of the biggest takeaways is that you will save yourself TIME and MONEY by gaining clarity on what works for you when it comes to putting your style together.

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