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Join us for another fun evening, Thurs 6pm La Baguette Upstairs!
Join us for good food, drinks, conversation, and another round of Wheel O' Crazy! Wheel O' Cruz-y???

Upstairs at la Baguette

2417 W Colorado Ave · Colorado Springs

What we're about

We are a liberally oriented social organization dedicated to relaxing over a cold frosty beverage while we discuss the important issues of the day. Our motto is "promoting democracy one pint at a time." We mostly discuss Liberal Political Ideas in Colorado Springs and southern Colorado, around Pikes Peaks. It doesn't matter if you are registered to vote, or just like to learn about politics without taking part. You don't have to be a Democratic, Green, Republican, libertarian or independent. We do general support Social Security, Student Loan Relief, stopping TPP, reclaiming US factories and jobs, civil rights for all racial groups and sexual orientations. But not all of us support all of those issues. Some of our folks are political activists, some don't get around to voting. But we all suffer under the terrible damage done to our country by the right wing, politically nutty republican "conservatives".

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