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Drinking Code Singapore is a meetup focused on enriching the tech ecosystem in Singapore. Programmers, designers, and tech enthusiasts alike are welcome to join our events hosted at our community working space, NuSpace ( https://nuspace.nulab.com/ ).

Our meetups cover a variety of tech topics ranging from computer science and software engineering to user interfaces and programming, to name a few! We will also host talks on business-related subjects specific to startups in Singapore and around Asia.

And of course, as our name implies, we always include drinks with each of our discussions.

If you have recommendations for future topics, feedback for the events team or are interested in future events and opportunities with Nulab, please fill in our interest form ( https://goo.gl/forms/A7c7sSQIFAbZ2dRG3 ).

We look forward to seeing you at our next meetup—Cheers!

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Offshore software development: Project Management using Backlog

Did you know? Vietnam is one of the top countries for offshore software development. In this free webinar, you will learn about the offshore industry in Vietnam and how Kiwi Advanced Technologies (part of award-winning IT company Kiwi Universe) developed products for their clients using the Backlog project management tool. COO Pham Viet Duc of Kiwi Advanced Technologies will share about their AI development projects for overseas clients, including best practices in using Backlog for collaboration and project management. Guest Speaker: Pham Viet Duc, COO of Kiwi Advanced Technologies Mr. Pham Viet Duc graduated from École Polytechnique, France in 2011 in Applied Mathematics and Economy Department. He has been working as CTO of Kiwi Universe and Kiwi Advanced Technologies since 2017. With his strong background in mathematics and in-depth knowledge in various technological domains, Mr. Pham Viet Duc has been leading and carrying out most of the company's research on a diversity of state-of-the-art technologies, such as Blockchain, AI Deep Learning and Augmented Reality. Kiwi Advanced Technologies is an IT company based in Vietnam, providing software development services with integrated artificial intelligence and other high technologies. They are part of Kiwi Universe, an award-winning IT consulting and outsourcing company with 5 offices across Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang. Kiwi Advanced Technologies: https://kiwitech.com.vn/en/ Kiwi Universe: https://kiwi-universe.com/ Nulab creates productivity software used by over 4 million people in over 190 countries. Our products include the online project management and bug tracking software Backlog, the cloud-based diagramming software Cacoo, and the chat app Typetalk. Learn more at https://nulab.com/

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Embracing the New Normal of Remote Work

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