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Drinking Code Singapore is a meetup focused on enriching the tech ecosystem in Singapore. Programmers, designers, and tech enthusiasts alike are welcome to join our events hosted at our community working space, NuSpace ( https://nuspace.nulab-inc.com/ ).

Our meetups cover a variety of tech topics ranging from computer science and software engineering to user interfaces and programming, to name a few! We will also host talks on business-related subjects specific to startups in Singapore and around Asia.

And of course, as our name implies, we always include drinks with each of our discussions.

If you have recommendations for future topics, feedback for the events team or are interested in future events and opportunities with Nulab, please fill in our interest form ( https://goo.gl/forms/A7c7sSQIFAbZ2dRG3 ).

We look forward to seeing you at our next meetup—Cheers!

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Data Science & AI night - by Xaltius x Nulab

Listen to illuminating talks and meet other data engineers, developers and analysts. Talks: Modern Data Architecture By Gajendra Krishna - Managing Consultant and Data Evangelist This talk focuses on the modern data architecture - which uses self learning & intelligent systems, to adjust, notify and recommend, making people who administer and use the environment more efficient and effective, thereby making huge volumes of data manageable and providing the ability to make sense and derive insights AI/Machine Learning in Anti-Money Laundering By Arvinder Singh - Data Analytics Manager (PwC Singapore) Over decades Financial institutions are relying on the rule base transaction monitoring system which generate lot of false positive alerts and create lot of backlog for compliance department to review these alert transactions. Using AI/Machine learning based techniques we can complement these rule based TM systems by substantially reducing the number of false positives alerts. Customer Experience Design By Alok Kumar - Head of Change, Customer Experience, Claims (DBS Singapore We have data everywhere, but can we leverage this data to redesign customer experience? This talk focuses on the various design thinking methodologies to achieve better customer experience, and how to find out critical areas for improvement. Practical Visual Analytics in an automated Big Data environment By Sudhir Panda - Visual Analytics Evangelist and Digital Data Storyteller Implementing automated visual analytics is hard. Various data sources. Business adoption. Tracking usage. Educating the users. There are a tonne of issues which money can’t solve. Let’s listen to the journey of how this can be done seamlessly and what are the processes to enable automated dashboards and intuitive self serve Reports on demand via visual tools such as Tableau, Qlik, Micro strategy and Power BI in a way that helps business make quick decisions and convert your company to a data driven and analytics mature organization by committing to “data first, automated, visual” mentality. Schedule: 6.45pm - Registration & drinks. 7.00pm - Announcements by organisers. 7.10pm - Talks 8.15pm to 9pm - Networking session with snacks/🍕 & drinks 🍺 Organised by Xaltius (https://xaltius.tech/) and Nulab (https://nulab-inc.com/). ----------------------- Speakers ------------------- Arvinder Singh - Data Analytics Manager (PwC Singapore) Arvinder has more than 16 years of experience in Data Visualization, Statistical analysis and Modelling, Machine learning, Data Mining, and Big Data Analytics. He specializes in technology solutions to different business units of major banks. Alok Kumar - Head of Change, Customer Experience, Claims (DBS Singapore) Alok has 20 years of international financial services experience, currently managing the digital strategy of Self Service banking network for DBS Singapore. An AI enthusiast and speaker at ATMIA & RBR and key contributor to ATM industry worldwide in the area of SSB innovations to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency using data design methodologies. Gajendra Krishna - Managing Consultant and Data Evangelist Gajendra specializes in Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing & Big Data solutions with over 19 years of experience in the implementation of various Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse projects at local and international levels. Roles include Lead Solution Architect, Managing Consultant, Lead Technical Architect, DWBI Consultant and Sales/Pre-Sales Specialist. Sudhir Panda - Visual Analytics Evangelist and Digital Data Storyteller Sudhir has 18 years exposure in data analytics & business intelligence in web technology, digital marketing, online dotcoms, visual automation, market research & financial industries. A self professed tech gadget geek & eFitness enthusiast. His day job is transforming digital analytics & enabling smart visual data driven decisions in a UK based bank spanning 70 countries.

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Advanced Docker & Scaling Infrastructure

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