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Machine Learning (Data Science)

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Machine Learning (Data Science)


Hi Code Drinkers,

our theme this time is: Machine Learning!

We invite speakers to share their projects and experience, and we believe there's always something new to learn or expose ourselves to.

Join us for inspiring learning talks, and also meet other data scientists, engineers and developers - in a casual and lively atmosphere.
Free drinks, beer on tap, snacks and pizza. Please help yourself 😄


  • Nasrudin Salim, Data & Machine Learning Engineer at 90 Seconds (

  • Chow Jia Hui, Data Scientist at Refinitiv (


** Notes from the wild: an End-to-End journey with an NLP Deep Learning Model ** by Chow Jia Hui.
It isn't often that the same data scientist who trains a deep learning model, needs to productionize it, or label the data used for it. It was a difficult labour, but I hope to share the perspectives I gained working on an NLP Deep Learning project, from labelling and gathering the data, to deploying it in Scala.

** Machine Learning with Google Cloud Platform on Production ** by Nasrudin Salim.
How to build multiple industry-leading Machine Learning products into production within a quarter by leveraging GCP. Nasrudin discusses how a small team of 5 including only 1 Machine learning engineer is able to develop multiple ML solutions (Computer vision, Recommendation engines, reinforcement learning, and more) to make 90 Seconds a leading video creation platform.

-------Agenda for Nulab Drinking Code June 28th ----------

6.45 - 7.20pm: Doors open, pizza and drinks 🍺
7.20pm - 8.20pm: Talks
8.20pm - 9.00pm: Networking, free stickers, drinks🍺 (again).

------- Speaker Profiles ---------
Nasrudin Salim is the Machine Learning Engineer at 90 Seconds, bringing 90Seconds to the next level with AI and Video Intelligence. He is also an experienced Data Scientist in the wealth Tech and FinTech industry, such as in Canopy where he made a breakthrough in unstructured financial data mining with AI & ML. He is a consultant technologist for other local financial market startups or SMEs, building the data infrastructure & foundations from scratch and leveraging GCP and AWS solutions, many times managing their full-time remote teams singlehandedly.

Jia Hui is an inquisitive individual. She's passionate when she puts the entirety of her heart to the task at hand. She builds machine learning models for Natural Language Processing tasks. She likes scifi, but these models aren't self-conscious. Outside work, she derives an inordinate amount of joy playing boardgames.

51 Changi Business Park Central 2, #02-06, The Signature · Singapore, al