• Brand Storytelling in the Age of AI


    Join us for a special Nulab Drinking Code Singapore event with Graham Brown (host of Asia Tech Podcast http://www.atp.show/). Update (6/1/2020): It won't be a live podcast, but the session will be recorded at NuSpace. Also, we are pleased to announce that light refreshments will be provided by DON8URI (https://www.don8uri.com/), a deaf advocacy and F&B social enterprise. This is a talk and tech meetup where you can learn and network with others in the tech/startup sphere. Graham has talked to leading storytellers in Asia to share the challenges of digital transformation and marketing innovation. His podcast guests in the past include Tony Fernandes (CEO, AirAsia), Rajesh Sehgal (Managing Partner, Equanimity Investments), Alvin Wang Graylin (President, Vive HTC), etc. ## Brand Storytelling in the Age of AI In this talk, Graham will share on how brands, including startups, can and need to tell their brand story in the Age of Artificial Intelligence. Automation takes away the work, so that humans can focus on the creative flow. Join us to learn how brand storytelling can be applied to your business and give it a huge uplift. There will be a QnA segment where you can ask questions or pitch your startup (TBC). --- Schedule --- 6.45pm - 7.15pm: Registration, drinks/beer 🍺🙂, plus light refreshments provided by DON8URI 7.15pm - 8.30pm: Talk by Graham Brown 8.30pm - 9.00pm: Networking with drinks --- Speaker Profile --- Graham Brown, Host of Asia Tech Podcast and CEO Founder of Pikkal & Co. (https://www.linkedin.com/in/grahamdbrown) Graham is a storyteller, podcast host and entrepreneur. He is a published author on the subject of marketing and innovation, works including “The Mobile Youth: Voices of the Connected Generation” – documenting the rise of mobile culture in the early 2000s in Japan, China, Africa and India, “Podcasting for Robots” – Human Communications in the Era of the Machine, and The Asia Matters Report, the story of innovation and The Asian Century. Graham is the founder of Pikkal & Co – the Brand Storytelling Consultancy (http://www.pikkal.com/). He also hosts Asia Tech Podcast and the Pitchdeck Asia show. His work has been featured in the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and has helped shaped the technology marketing strategy of clients such as UNICEF, MTV, Disney and Monster Energy Drinks. About Asia Tech Podcast (http://www.atp.show/) Since 2017, Asia Tech Podcast host Graham Brown has been talking to leading storytellers in Asia to share the challenges of digital transformation and marketing innovation. Into the 2020s, Asia will lead the world in Artificial Intelligence, Platforms and E-Commerce. Exponential Connection and Big Data will raise challenging questions on what it means to be human in the Era of the Machine. With over 500 episodes now published, Asia Tech Podcast documents the changing face of the Asian Tech Ecosystem and a unique documentation of The Asian Century. About Nulab Drinking Code Singapore Nulab Drinking Code Singapore features invited speakers on different tech topics each time, we always include drinks with our meetup, hence the term Drinking Code. Nulab provides online team collaboration tools that are used by companies in software, digital marketing, business, and all industries. Learn more at https://nulab.com/

  • Web & Mobile Developers Talks + Year-end Gathering

    Hi Code Drinkers, It's the end of 2019 and our last meetup for the year. This time, we feature talks by two experienced developers on rising web and mobile development frameworks — Flutter and VueJS. The invited speakers: - Jason Choo, Tech Lead at pslove (https://pslove.com/) - Aaron Gong, data engineer (Dell), software consultant (Zenika) and VueJS evangelist. Join us for a warm night of tech talks, chat with other developers in the industry, plus enjoy free beer & pizza 😊 ---- Talks ---- ## The Art of Flutter: Toolbox for learning Flutter by Jason Choo In this talk, Jason will illustrate the brief introduction, history and trends of Flutter UI framework with Dart programming language to build cross-platform applications for the mobile, desktop and the Web. He will provide curated topics of Flutter for mastering the essence of Flutter. Lastly, he will also share how pslove used Flutter in production at scale. ## Vue vs React by Aaron Gong. Having used both React and Vue JS in work and production code, Aaron will compare both frontend frameworks and explain/show their inner workings, plus share the pros/cons. ---- Schedule ---- 6.45 - 7.10pm: Doors open, mingling with pizza and drinks 7.10pm - 8.10pm: Talks 8.10pm - 9.00pm: Networking, free stickers, drinks ---- Speaker profiles ---- Jason Choo, Tech Lead at pslove. As a Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Google Cloud engineer, Jason is a digital strategist specialising in the areas of e-commerce, productivity tools and enterprise software systems. Passionate about continuous learning and the startup scene, he has won over 20 hackathons in New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore since 2014. Aaron Gong, data engineer (Dell), software consultant (Zenika) and VueJS evangelist. Aaron is a software developer and data engineer. With over 5 years' experience in tech, he's worked on a variety of software systems and technologies. He is passionate about VueJS and enjoys spreading the VueJS virus.

  • Machine Learning and Humans


    Hi Code Drinkers, We're excited to bring you two talks on machine learning. Our speakers: - Admond is a data scientist focused on smart manufacturing/AI, consultant, and writer. He's contributed articles to KDnuggets, AI Time Journal and Tech in Asia. - Ming Lun is doing his masters at NUS, working on explainable machine learning. Come join #DrinkingCode for an insightful night of tech talks and networking with free drinks and pizza. ---- Talks ---- ## Using Machine Learning to Imitate Human Behaviour in Betting by Admond Lee, Data Scientist at Micron (https://www.micron.com) It's often said that there are nine losses out of ten bets. In this talk, Admond will share his experience of building a machine learning model using XGBoost to imitate players' behaviour and some of the interesting results to profit from betting based on intuitive model interpretability. ## An Introduction to Explainable Machine Learning by Ong Ming Lun, a Graduate Research Student at the National University of Singapore State-of-the-art Machine Learning models have become immensely popular over the last few years. However, due to their complexity, they are often regarded as black-boxes. In this presentation, Ming Lun will put forward a case for Explainability to better understand Machine Learning models, creating an understanding that better aligns with human intuition. ---- Schedule ---- 6.45 - 7.10pm: Doors open, mingling with pizza and drinks 7.10pm - 8.10pm: Talks 8.10pm - 9.00pm: Networking, free stickers, drinks ---- Speaker profiles ---- Admond is currently a Data Scientist at Micron focusing on Smart Manufacturing and AI. With his degree in Physics, Admond discovered and pursued his passion in data science and never looked back ever since. He is also an independent data scientist and consultant helping companies and digital marketing agencies achieve their marketing ROI using advanced social analytics and machine learning. Being a passionate writer who writes about data science, his data science work and experience have been featured by various publications, including KDnuggets, Medium, Tech in Asia, AI Time Journal and local business magazine. Ming Lun is a Graduate Student at the National University of Singapore. His research work focuses on Explainable Machine Learning in the domain of healthcare. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

  • Migrating from Monolith to Microservice (Cacoo by Nulab)

    Hi! Please kindly rsvp at the meetups below, not here 🙂 Our developer Jay Chen from Nulab's NYC office will be visiting in Singapore for a week. 25th Sept, Wednesday - Jay will share at the Singapore Kubernetes User Group. This will be held at NuSpace, with drinks (and pizza) as usual 🍺😉 Please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/Singapore-Kubernetes-User-Group/events/264510711/ ** Migrating from Monolith to Microservice ** Jay will share about how Nulab changed one of their products (Cacoo) from monolith backend infrastructure to microservices using Kubernetes, and the benefits/tradeoffs ---------------- 26th Sept, Thursday - Jay will share at the GoSG meetup on "Building your web service into one binary file". Please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/golangsg/events/264447842/ ** Building your web service into one binary file" ** Go applications are easily deployed because they are statically compiled. But it is tedious to manage many static assets (images, etc) that are needed in a web service. One solution is to compile the necessary files into a binary. Jay will share about using the go-bindata library (https://github.com/kevinburke/go-bindata) to build a single binary file that contains the server and website. And finally, how we dockerize it and deploy to a server. Note: The GoSG event is not held at NuSpace, but at Shopee Singapore. ----- Speaker Profile ----- Jay (Yen-Chieh) is a software developer at Nulab’s office in NYC. He is part of the Cacoo team and works primarily with Java and Go. He recently helped to migrate Cacoo website's backend rendering system to the Golang-based Gin framework.

  • DevOps and Containers


    Hi Code Drinkers, This August, DevOps is in our spotlight! Every #DrinkingCode, we gather to listen to informative/inspiring talks by invited speakers, have a few drinks and chat up with fellow tech industry developers & professionals. Talks: ** Common security mistakes in using Docker ** by Florian Besser, Lead Software Architect at Zuhlke Engineering. In this talk, Florian will give a show & tell of 6 common security mistakes in Docker and what they can result in. These are privilege escalation / denial of service attacks that are critical to your Docker containers. ** Devops CI-CD pipeline using Containers ** by Priyanka Dive, DevOps Engineer/Senior Solutions Architect at PCCW. Priyanka will briefly introduce DevOps practices and technologies. She will also give a demo of an end-to-end DevOps pipeline using Git (source code management), Jenkins ( continuous integration), Sonarqube (code analysis) with Docker & Kubernetes. -------Agenda for Nulab Drinking Code August 30th ---------- 6.45 - 7.10pm: Doors open, mingling with free pizza🍕 and drinks 🍺 7.10pm - 8.10pm: Talks 8.10pm - 9.00pm: Networking, free stickers, drinks🍺 ------- Speaker Profiles --------- Florian Besser, Lead Software Architect at Zuhlke Engineering. Msc in Software Engineering from ETH in Zurich. Working with Zuhlke Switzerland and Zuhlke Singapore for more than 5 years, across a wide range of projects and fields including telecommunication, air traffic control, financial information, entertainment / video streaming and banking. Priyanka Dive, DevOps Engineer/Senior Solutions Architect at PCCW. A DevOps Engineer experienced in Linux, Docker, Apache Kafka, CI/CD using Jenkins & Kubernetes, and shell scripting. Priyanka Dive is also the author of "DevOps for Salesforce".

  • UX and UI Design


    Our July theme features UX + UI Design. Let us gather to learn about UX/UI design, have a few beers & pizza and meet up with other designers and developers. 😊 We're lucky to have: - Victor Ong, UX Lead at IBM iX. - Happy Haris, Software Developer at pslove Talks: ** How to be a Unicorn ** by Victor Ong Faced with today's growing need for UX designers, we find ourselves in a situation where clients and companies are demanding more and more from us. Be proactive in research! Be familiar with needs of business! Be cooperative when working with developers! And--above all else--be GREAT, world-class, at design! If a designer wants to excel in this age of ever-increasing demands, he or she must learn what it takes to be versatile across the product development cycle. So..what does it take to be versatile? In this session, I will map out a design process that highlights the skills required at each step of the product development cycle--providing you with a better sense of what it takes to shape and groom yourself for a successful career in UX Design. ** Animations in Flutter ** by Happy Haris Well-designed animations makes a UI feel more intuitive, contribute to the slick look and feel of a polished app, and improve the user experience. Flutter’s animation support makes it easy to implement a variety of animation types. Haris will go through basic concepts of animations and buildings blocks available in Flutter. -------Agenda for Nulab Drinking Code July 26th ---------- 6.50 - 7.20pm: Doors open, free pizza🍕 and drinks 🍺 7.20pm - 8.20pm: Talks 8.20pm - 9.00pm: Networking, free stickers, drinks🍺 (again). ------- Speaker Profiles --------- Victor Ong (UX Lead at IBM iX) is a visionary and thoughtful leader in user-centered innovation. With more than 14 years’ experience in UX/UI design , he has a strong passion for design, the ability to transform ideas into actualized, winning solutions, and the desire to continually strive to provide top-tier, strategic design solutions. Happy Haris (Software developer at pslove) - rock climber, programmer, happier. Also teaches programming in his spare time.

  • Machine Learning (Data Science)


    Hi Code Drinkers, our theme this time is: Machine Learning! We invite speakers to share their projects and experience, and we believe there's always something new to learn or expose ourselves to. Join us for inspiring learning talks, and also meet other data scientists, engineers and developers - in a casual and lively atmosphere. Free drinks, beer on tap, snacks and pizza. Please help yourself 😄 Speakers: - Nasrudin Salim, Data & Machine Learning Engineer at 90 Seconds (https://90seconds.com) - Chow Jia Hui, Data Scientist at Refinitiv (https://www.refinitiv.com) Talks: ** Notes from the wild: an End-to-End journey with an NLP Deep Learning Model ** by Chow Jia Hui. It isn't often that the same data scientist who trains a deep learning model, needs to productionize it, or label the data used for it. It was a difficult labour, but I hope to share the perspectives I gained working on an NLP Deep Learning project, from labelling and gathering the data, to deploying it in Scala. ** Machine Learning with Google Cloud Platform on Production ** by Nasrudin Salim. How to build multiple industry-leading Machine Learning products into production within a quarter by leveraging GCP. Nasrudin discusses how a small team of 5 including only 1 Machine learning engineer is able to develop multiple ML solutions (Computer vision, Recommendation engines, reinforcement learning, and more) to make 90 Seconds a leading video creation platform. -------Agenda for Nulab Drinking Code June 28th ---------- 6.45 - 7.20pm: Doors open, pizza and drinks 🍺 7.20pm - 8.20pm: Talks 8.20pm - 9.00pm: Networking, free stickers, drinks🍺 (again). ------- Speaker Profiles --------- Nasrudin Salim is the Machine Learning Engineer at 90 Seconds, bringing 90Seconds to the next level with AI and Video Intelligence. He is also an experienced Data Scientist in the wealth Tech and FinTech industry, such as in Canopy where he made a breakthrough in unstructured financial data mining with AI & ML. He is a consultant technologist for other local financial market startups or SMEs, building the data infrastructure & foundations from scratch and leveraging GCP and AWS solutions, many times managing their full-time remote teams singlehandedly. Jia Hui is an inquisitive individual. She's passionate when she puts the entirety of her heart to the task at hand. She builds machine learning models for Natural Language Processing tasks. She likes scifi, but these models aren't self-conscious. Outside work, she derives an inordinate amount of joy playing boardgames.

  • Kubernetes Ingress and Cloud Security


    Hi Code Drinkers, Our theme for this month is the Cloud and we have invited two experienced cloud and DevSecOps practitioners to share with us at our meetup. They are: Vincent De Smet, DevOps Engineer at SWAT (https://swatmobile.io/) Steve Teo, Director of Cloud Security Engineering at Horangi Cyber Security (https://horangi.com/) In their talks, you will learn more about Kubernetes Ingress and the security risks to look out for in AWS & cloud technology. UPDATE: Echelon Asia Summit (https://e27.co/echelon/asia/) is happening on 23-24th May at Singapore Expo. Our meetup location - NuSpace - is just nearby. So do join us after Echelon for talks by our invited speakers and network with other developers - free beer, other drinks and pizza. 🍕 RSVP today and we can prepare. Please see comment below for Echelon tixs. -------Agenda for Nulab Drinking Code May 24th ---------- 6.45 - 7.15pm: Registration, light snacks and drinks 🍺 7.20pm - 8.20pm: Talks ** Kubernetes Ingress: What, How & Caveats ** by Vincent De Smet What is Kubernetes Ingress? What flavours are available? how do these make our life easier and what are the benefits of one versus the other? How about observability they provide and what are some of the caveats we have to watch out for? As we've been experimenting with several different set ups both at Swat and at previous startup(s), mostly from a functionality and operational perspective (less focus on performance benchmarks in this talk). In this talk we'd like to share our experience and also our thoughts on how we see this evolving. ** AWS Security Best Practices ** by Steve Teo - Highlight Cloud Security Risks today and recent cyber attacks - How technology is evolving and growing stronger against its own threats - The importance to stay updated on the latest trends and cloud security best practices - Discuss the Shared Responsibility Model and responsibilities of a customer - Highlight some AWS Security Best Practices 8.20pm - 9.00pm: Networking, pizza, free stickers, drinks🍺 (again). ----------------------------- Speakers Bio: ** Steve Teo, Director of Cloud Security Engineering at Horangi Cyber Security ** Steve is an experienced Cloud and DevSecOps practitioner who has previously worked in Financial Institutions and Telco in various engineering teams. He is currently leading the development of Cloud Security products and Cloud Engineering team in Horangi. He has responded to and investigated various security incidents on AWS in the past as part of his day to day duties. He is passionate about building successful and sustainable engineering teams. He is also actively involved in Singapore’s tech community scene and currently leads the AWS User Group and Atlassian User Group in Singapore. His topics of interest specifically to AWS includes AWS Multi-Account Architecture and AWS Security. ** Vincent De Smet, DevOps Engineer at SWAT ** Vincent has over nine years of experience in software engineering and business consulting roles, and he's a contributor to open source projects and advocate for open source ideology.

  • Backlog Fundamentals Workshop (Singapore) for project management

    Hi, Just some quick news - we have a Backlog Fundamentals Workshop this Thursday night! Please register here: https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/backlog-fundamentals-workshop-project-management-registration-58693264133? About this event: More than 830,000+ developers and 9000 companies trust Backlog.com for their project management and issue tracking needs. Backlog is developed by Nulab 😊 Train hands-on with our Customer Success team to learn how Backlog can help you manage your projects effectively and help your team collaborate better, raising everyone's productivity! You will learn in this workshop: - How to create projects & organize tasks with your team - How your team can collaborate better to move tasks forward - How to manage & track project progress to crush deadlines - Tips, tricks and more! Plus, this workshop is free! Light snacks and refreshments included. Register today to learn best practices for project management on Backlog! 👉 https://www.eventbrite.sg/e/backlog-fundamentals-workshop-project-management-registration-58693264133?

  • Product Management, Strategy & Leadership

    It's time for another Nulab #DrinkingCode! This edition of our meetup will be on Product Management, and we have invited 3 speakers to share their experience & insights. They are: - Jay Fong, Product Strategy Lead at honestbee - Giom, Enterprise Agile Coach at Giom Consulting - Mike Dickinson, CPO at Xendit ------------------- Talks -------------------------- # Product Strategy in SEA- How to transform "Gut Feel" companies into data-driven giants? By Jay Fong "Big Data", "Analytics" - these are scary words for some businesses that want to adopt Data Driven Design but don't know how. During this talk, I will cover how to take businesses with fragmented or non-existent Analytics and help them leverage the power of Data to understand what users want and build great customer-centric products. # Tough Talks, or how to confront opinions with your teammates By Giom The ability to confront opinions through deep and complex topics is key to be a great team or a great company. This topic kept coming back as I was interviewing the most respected developers I knew a couple of years ago in Paris. If you don’t confront opinions, you are not really using all the talents. Now, it’s not easy. I synthesised and structured what I learnt in these interviews, and I‘d like to share it with you: * how to know your idea is actually a good one * what are the diplomatic baselines for disagreeing * when to hold your position and when to change your mind * what to do if people’s positions are locked and the most important: * how to learn to be wrong # Scaling your Product Department By Mike Dickinson You’ve just got your seed funding. Congratulations! Now you need more product. Now you need to start showing more product-market fit. Now you need to build a team for growth. Mike will be covering how to scale your product organisation at different times of your business, whether you are still a small start up, a recently funded company, or a company in hyper growth mode. He will be using his experiences to show what to do/ not to do when building your team, and what roles do you need to be looking for (and when). ----------------Speaker Profiles-------------------- Jay Fong, Product Strategy Lead at honestbee. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jay-fong-27463332/ Jay likes numbers and talking to people, so he's built his career on being the bridge between business and technology. His mantra is simple- "How do I explain things, so that my Grandmother could understand it?" Giom, Enterprise Agile Coach at Giom Consulting https://www.linkedin.com/in/guillaumeunlimited/ Giom, a French national, has been in Asia for more than three years. Currently he is based in Singapore as independent agile coach, trainer and facilitator. Before being agile coach, he developed his skills in software development. Mike Dickinson, CPO at Xendit https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikedickinson11/ Mike has extensive expertise in web and mobile technologies, and building & running regional and global teams. With experience in founding and managing multiple products in hospitality, digital marketing, elearning, and more. He's also a GA instructor for product management. ----------------- Schedule -------------------- 6.40pm - 7.10pm: Attendees signing in, snacks and refreshments. 7.10pm - 8.00pm: Talks by Speakers 8.00pm - 9.00pm: Networking session with drinks/beer/pizza. Exchange your war stories & contacts. As one great soft drink product used to say, "Obey your thirst". So rsvp and join us!