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Hi all,

Are YOU interested in setting up a new meetup (and ultimately organizing a full makerspace) for people in South Austin? I'm seeking to determine how much interest there may be in moving forward with a meetup, and setting up a non-profit dedicated makerspace for adults in the South Austin/Dripping Springs area (kids would be welcome too with parental supervision). If you are interested please let me, or the group, know! Thanks.

For the details:
If there is sufficient interest, perhaps 100 committed people or so, I'd like to create a makerspace. I'm envisioning a multi-year, multi-phased deployment of the makerspace, with an community-driven focus on (studio, equipment, classes/workshops) regarding metal machining capabilities, welding, wood working, fabrics, photography, fine arts, 3d printing (FDM at least, possible more), plastic works (vacuum forming, injection molding, machining, welding), rubber work (room temperature vulcanization, molding, casting), jewelry making, foundry work, knife making, ceramics, metrology, equipment repairs, electronics (microcontrollers, discrete, PCBs, etc.), robotics, waterjet cutting, precision grinding, small run production, CAD/CAM/CUT software for members, painting (powder, spray, booth), amature (ham) radio, etc.

Early on, when we potentially would have more space than machines, I thought we could establish a precedence of being a friendly place for arts with private studio spaces for various fine arts, have classrooms for frequent training, offices for rent, and storage for projects. Ideally, I would LOVE to see this makerspace be solar / wind powered, have 120v, 240v, and 230v three phase power, plus shop air and electrical drops.

More on the social side, my hope is to take the often lonely process of inventing, into a more social one, where we inventors can have sufficient privacy to preserver our proprietary intellectual property, while still socializing, collaborating, learning, and sharing non-confidential aspects of our work. I'm envisioning this makerspace as a place to meet and hang out with like minded creators, and to work on our creations as well. I'd seek to have a strong educational program to expand all of our skill sets, and some frequent fun activities too to help us all get to know each other and go through this creation process as a community of makers, instead of just as solo makers.

I already have a some amount of equipment that I would likely contribute (Bridgeport, large lathe, plasma cutter, CNC mill, etc.) so we wouldn't have to start from scratch.

So if this sounds of interest to you please let me know! I expect this MeetUp group will be replaced with a more permanent group depending on interest of committed members.

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