What we're about

Drive Electric (Westchester) is about:
1) Showcasing Electric Vehicles to the public (Tesla Model S/X/3, BMW i3/i8, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt/Spark, Ford Focus Electric/C-Max Energi, Kia Soul EV, etc)
2) Providing Guidance to new and existing EV owners (e.g. learn which apps, great destination chargers, etc)
3) Raise Awareness of EVs (Battery EV & Plug-in Hybrid EV) & Chargers to the public (Level 1, Level 2, & DC Quick Charge, etc)
4) Save Money. If you're in the ConEd area, get paid to charge off-peak. Join FleetCarma program. Earn 10,000 bonus points via this referral (https://www.fleetcarma.com/smartchargenewyork?referralCode=58291057). Federal Rebate is up to $7,500. NYS is up to $2,000.

We will meet throughout Westchester in different municipalities. Most likely we will meet at Metro North Parking Lots on the weekends. Meetups will happen most likely Sunday.

Meetups rotate between towns. Join as a member, and give your input on where we should meet.

There is NO cost to join as a member.


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