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My name is Brennan, I am a friend of Rob Stewart, the diver who went missing off of Islamorada on Tuesday, and I am trying to help with the search efforts to find him. As you may have heard, Rob was diving off the coast of Islamorada, on the "Queen of Nassau" wreck on Tuesday January 31st. He was reported missing at 5:15pm on the 31st, after being seen on the surface. From what I understand there was an issue with one of the other divers loosing consciousness as they surfaced and in the commotion they lost sight of Rob. The search has been ongoing since then, with no luck yet in finding him. Having been seen on the surface, and that he gave the "OK" to the others once on the surface, hopes are high that he was floating, possibly pulled away from the boat with the current, and is still floating in the water somewhere. Rob is an extremely experienced diver who is very comfortable in the water, and had on gear that would give him a huge advantage in this survival situation (dry suit). Our hopes are high that he is out there somewhere waiting to be found. I have been talking to some of the other people organizing the search effort and they have told me that the Coast Guard have predicted that Rob may have drifted 150+/- km (93+/- Miles) to the north by this time, which would put him roughly off the coast of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The main search is still in the Upper Keys, but efforts are moving north as well. We are asking anyone with a drone that is willing to help, we can cover costs, please contact myself, Brennan Grange, brennangrange@gmail.com (416)716-4844, or Taylor David (416)824-9121. We need operators out on boats and on the shore, helping cover as much area as possible. Scanning beaches and the coast from the shore as well as scanning the water from the boats. Eyes in the sky will allow us to cover a much larger area, at a much faster rate. If you have any night search capabilities, infrared, night vision, or even powerful lighting we could use you in the night effort as well. Rob is a survivor and we are confidant that he is out there somewhere. If you could respond ASAP that would be much appreciated as time is crucial right now. We will coordinate with the rest of the team to direct you where you need to go, and to get you on a boat if you are willing.
We do not need the footage or any editing. What we need is spotters, eye in the sky trying to find our friend. Search and Rescue. Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you,

Brennan Grange

Taylor David

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