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The goal of this MeetUp is to explore and develop the use of unmanned aerial vehicles to collect aerial imagery for the purpose of crop inspection, 3D orthographic mapping, and general site survey.

Groups or individuals interested in this technology are invited to join and connect with others to learn and develop solutions and specific applications.

We will cover topics from basic UAV types and construction, autopilot systems and image collection through to processing and data analysis.

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Monarch Street

Tired of being trapped in the house? Time to get out and embark on a new adventure! Alameda point has a window of class G airspace to fly, so lets do it! Be aware the USS Hornet dock is a NO FLY ZONE. Stay back and be safe. Please arrive on time. Pilot's safety meeting will start at 10:15am. You must attend if you intend to fly. NEW RULE. QMGR+X3 Alameda, California

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Ask Me Anything with Propeller founder Rory San Miguel

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