Saturday Evening Life Drawing Mexican Female Model|TALデッサン会 メキシコ人女性モデル 4/6


We will have a beautiful Mexican model posing for us. The same set-up and model's posing will last through 6 sessions (three Saturday afternoon and evening in October) where you can make a completed art work.

All kinds of artists including oil painters and Japanese-style painters are welcome to join. You are also welcome to attend a session or change a spot and draw from different angles.

Cold and hot beverages will be served.

■Attendance fee: 2000 JPY

■Mexican female model (nude)

■120 minuets long pose (20 minutes x 6)

■Studio open: 5:00 pm; Posing start: 5:30 pm

■Venue: 国際6163 building 201
Chiyoda City, Sotokanda, 6-chōme−16−3

【Materials】We recommend that you bring your own materials that you are comfortable to work with, such as oil, watercolor, charcoal, pencils and so on. We still provide pencils, eraser and some pieces of paper free of charge. A sketchbook sold by 100 yen. Tables, chairs, drawing boards and easels available.

■If you wish to continue drawing at the same spot for other sessions, you can book a spot in advance.

■Space is limited; if you decide not to come in the last minutes, please kindly change your RSVP to NO to give the spot to other artist. When there are some spots available, no need to book; just drop in.







〒[masked] 東京都千代田区外神田6丁目16ー3


〈重要〉継続して同じ場所で制作したい場合、次回以降席を予約していただけます。製作途中のキャンバスなどはスタジオで保管可能です。 〈ご注意〉参加人数に限りがあるため、参加申し込み後ご都合が悪くなられた方はRSVPをNOに変更をお願いします。満席になっていない場合は予約なしでもお越しください。