Apache Druid user experience & RT analytics use-case

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[masked] pm- gathering, food, and snacks.
[masked]- Druid opening with few words + mentioning the collaboration with Outbrain.
[masked]- "Building the Solution for RealTime Analytics @Druid"/ Daria Litvinov Outbrain[masked]- short break[masked]- “Rethinking Druid's user experience”/ Vadim Ogievetsky Imply[masked]- "ask me anything with Vadim"

"Building the Solution for RealTime Analytics @Druid"
The Real-time analytics is a trend in Big Data technologies, and usually has significant business effect. The commonly used architecture for real time analytics at scale is based on Spark Streaming and Kafka. These technologies are very scalable. However, when combining them together at high scale you can find yourself searching for the solution that covers more complicated production use-cases.
On this talk I’m going to share the knowledge I gained by combining Spark Streaming, Kafka and Apache Druid all together for building real time analytics dashboard, guaranteeing precise data representation.
I will show the architecture and use-cases we have at Outbrain for Real Time dashboards in Apache Druid.

About Daria
I am a software engineer with 20 years of experience in the industry. Currently I work at Outbrain as a Big Data Engineer, dealing with various Big Data technologies. I have a true passion for solving large-scale problems. On my latest role I build solutions for Real Time Analytics, using Spark Streaming, Kafka and Apache Druid.

Rethinking Druid's user experience
Abstract: Apache Druid has always been a fast, powerful, and scalable, but it has never been "user-friendly" from a UX perspective. This talk will examine how the Druid UX is being redesigned from the ground up. This will make Druid straightforward to get started with, load data into, and manage at scale.

About Vadim
Vadim Ogievetsky, co-founder of Imply, cares about two things: making huge datasets accessible to everyone, and highly complex distributed systems easier to manage. Previously Vadim led the Application team at Metamarkets (acquired by Snap). He holds an MS in Computer Science from Stanford and a BA in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oxford.