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Docker & Event Sourcing

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Thursday 1st of March, we organise a Developer Meetup in Deventer with two speakers who will tell about:
- Docker by Patrick van der Bleek
- Event sourcing after launch by Michiel Overeem

Who’s Patrick van der Bleek?
Patrick van der Bleek is a solution Engineer @Docker. Containers have taken the developer community by storm. However, when it comes to the Enterprise, moving containers from dev to production introduces security concepts that go beyond application isolation alone.
During this talk he'll discuss how Docker secures the container platform itself, access to the platform and the content that runs inside your containers.

Who’s Michiel Overeem?
Michiel Overeem is a Lead Software Architect @ AFAS ( He is responsible for the CQRS and Event Sourcing implementation, as well as the deployment, management and monitoring services of a platform. He’s also a PhD candidate with Utrecht University (as part of the AMUSE project, where he focuses on the upgrading of model-driven, cloud-based software.
Event sourcing can be a solution for certain problems in your application, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. One of those is the evolution of your event schema. How should you handle changes to events? Michiel et al. found many approaches while doing research (they published earlier results in their paper “The Dark Side of Event Sourcing”) and they gained a lot of experienced from building a full-size ERP application using CQRS and event sourcing. In this talk he will show what kind of approaches they’ve found and what they used to deal with our specific challenges. He will also share early research results from interviews with over 20 different companies using event sourcing. Every request for advice can be answered with ‘it depends’, and this talk will not solve that. But he will tell you what your options are, what he think works, and what many others have done.

6:30 pm Walk in; get to know and have a drink!
7:00 pm Crunchy pizza’s will be delivered
7:30 pm Opening: short presentation DWD
7:45 pm Patrick van der Bleek
8:15 pm Break
8:30 pm Michiel Overeem
9:30 pm Drinks and socializing!
10:30 pm Closure Where?
Keulenstraat 4, 7418 ET Deventer

Thursday, 1st of March, at 6:30 PM
Please subscribe before 22nd of February.
Keulenstraat 4 · Deventer
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