Cancelled! Drumming for the Boston Marathon April 16, 2018

Boston Drum Circle
Boston Drum Circle
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DrumConnection at Boston Marathon

1384 Commonwealth Ave. · Newton, MA

How to find us

At 9AM we will be getting set up. Follow the Directions to 1384 Comm Ave Newton. Please park on side streets either on the RT 9 side or the North side of Comm Ave so you can get home faster, or to work.

Location image of event venue


The Framingham Drum Circle MEETUP ( along with The Boston Drum Circle MEETUP group ( is invited to join the amazing Annual...


This is the 18th year we've been drumming at the start or base of Heartbreak Hill. Organized by your Meetup leader, Alan Tauber (with guidance from our past leader John Tracy) and drummers from DrumConnection, NE Drummers, the famous folks and the masters, the beginners and the Experts! There are usually about fifty or more drummers. I am expecting even more this year if it's a nice day.

Runners say it's the highlight of their trip. Some even like us so much they stop a moment to try the drums.

Onlookers smile, police and military wave, TV cameras pass by, children dance.

Really special! Don't miss it!

Please RSVP so we know how to set up the space.

No drums? We will have a few extra, and people will share.




What you need so you can get there without stress or parking problems, and be there right at the drumming spot, with an easy route out for when you leave.


The runners and the Newton Police really like it when we are there to show community support and support the runners. If you have been here before you KNOW how much it matters to have us with them!

We have spent much time with security officials, the BAA and local police about how to manage things as is usual and necessary. Now, due to the attacks in Paris and Belgium, Germany, etc. security remains very high and we need to minimize stress to security people and remain welcome to drum for future years.

• DRUM BAGS - while we ARE relaxing the 'drum bag and backpack restriction' this year, BE AWARE that if you look suspicious, you may be asked to open your bags. • If you can manage, do not bring a drum bag, but I think a drum bag makes things easier on you. At the site, flatten any bags on the ground to minimize any threats that may stress authorities and public. If it looks like it might rain bring a plastic trash bag in your pocket for rain cover if needed. Always a good idea. Put a trash bag in your drum bag NOW!

• CAREFULLY review maps of the area. This year Chestnut St. will be blocked at 7:30 AM. At the rte 9 side, at Beacon, about 1/4 mile from the intersection. On the other side of Commonwealth Ave. Chestnut St. will be blocked about one block from Commonwealth. Police say you can park up to 60 ft. of Commonwealth Ave (rt 30). Our advice is to get on the local streets off Beacon and navigate to a side road close to our spot. On the other side, there are local roads off Chestnut at point it is closed, or shortly before. If a road is blocked off you may have to talk yourself past a road block, which is doable but you are better to get there early.

• We RESPECT the community. This means we play for awhile, then take breaks, where everyone is quiet. Nonstop loud drumming (drums are loud) can be annoying and stressful. Taking breaks makes it better, and we remain welcome for future years, and make it easier for officials.


We set aside a private area near the corner of Chestnut St. and Commonwelth Ave. (rte 30) in Newton.

One good approach is to enter local roads near Chestnut St. at Beacon St.


Get there early and avoid traffic and get through to park. Worth the effort. Yes. I know.

The first group, wheelchairs, arrive at our spot at about 10:15

Plan to be there around 8:30!! (if you can or earlier)

Actually, anytime is fine but if you beat the traffic life is better and you get a closer parking spot. I get there really early, find a nice close parking spot, relax, read, then set up our area.

MBTA: You can avoid parking, and take the GREEN LINE to the WABAN stop. This is the last one before end at Riverside terminal. It is a walk of about 15 minutes to the drumming spot.

What to Bring:

• A drum. No drum? This is a long event, and people are confortable stopping awhile and letting others borrow their drums.. Yeah - bring non-drumming friends... it's always a FUN celebration.

• A folding chair. The cheap metal ones are best, and bring a cushion. The canvas chairs are too low and at wrong angle for comfortable drumming. Don't use a sand chair unless you want to. Target has the perfect chairs for drumming. Even the black round folding stools are really made well now and will support you.

• Water. Snacks.

Maybe suntan lotion (I hope! .. This day often surprises. Can be cold and gray, can be very hot and sunny); There will be food on sale at a price!

• Facilities:

Yes, there are porta potties.

• RAIN?? ... Drums don't like rain. If it rains steadily we will not be there.

But remember if there is a chance of rain, have a plastic trash bag in pocket to protect your drum.

SUN?? ... Some years there is a LOT of sun. Good idea to bring a hat and sunscreen. And water!! I HIGHLY recommend a hat as the Sun can be really strong.


1) For the best experience, so we sound good and are welcomed by the onlookers, we should mostly play simple rhythms so everyone can connect. We need to be CLEAR and simple. Fine to add an occasional solo if it is clear and fits with the rhythm.

2) Those who can lead know who they are - and are welcome to take responsibility.

3) Essential to STOP for periods of quiet. No drumming. We have found it is important for the crowds. Non-stop drumming is an irritant, people complain, we risk losing the privilege. SO - when we stop - everyone stops. Yes - if a key runner or group comes by and waves, when we are quiet, we could do a quick roll, but then return to being quiet.


ANY questions - call me anytime. Call of Text Alan anytime at[masked] or email me.

Alan Tauber, Director - DrumConnection, Boston, MA USA

Directions to park